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Erection problems! Please help!

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Good day everyone,first of all excuse my english,I am not a native english speaker.

This is my story, Im 22 years old guy, I weight 88 kg ( 194 pounds ) height 1,88 cm ( 6 feet ),I only had 3 sexual encounters with girls so far,first at 18, secondly at 19, and now the 3rd one at 22 , I want to say that for 2 years and half I never had sexual encounter with any other girl,but with this new girlfriend I cant maintain erection for just a few seconds...I dont know how to say it,its like we stay in bed,start kissing and touching each other, I get erect almost imediatelly,and it stays hard for a few moments,like 2 minutes, but as soon as we try to make sexual contact my penis cant stay hard anymore,it does not get limp completly,just as much as not to make the penetration possible,when she does oral on me I say erect for like 70% but never full,I want to say that I drink alot,smoke alot,dont make any exercises,eat alot of meat, candies, sugar, fat, salt ,and for those 2 years break without a girlfriend I masturbated ALOT, sometimes even 2-3 times per day,I started developing fetishes that turn me on only,vanilla porn does not turn me on anymore. I get morning wood from time to time,not daily,but still I get that night erections or morning erections,im circumcised also. Its really frustrating,she attracts me phisycally,I like her body,I hate it that I cant get it up when Im with her.Please help me,give me some advice,you can ask me anything that might help me. Thank you!

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You need to go to the doctor and get tested because when someone has chlamydia they can't stat hard very long and can't get hard when they want too. You probably don't even know you have it because I never did. I have symptoms whatsoever. Go get checked. You'll feel so much better. The medication is just 2 pills and it'll be over in a week.

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but ya cant have sex for 10 days while on medication for clamidiya and she would also have to take it at same time incase its passed on .if you have sex in them 10 days then you will only end up having to start again.

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oh and as for condoms the medication makes them less likely to proctect.

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Hello, are you still having problems with this? This can be very distressing, and is nothing to do with Chlamydia or infections. How are things now, have they got any better? Dr Webberley

Hey man! Dont get frustrated. It is an issue which is common among many men ofcourse not with all men. Remember excess of anything is bad . What I feel, your excess drinking, smoking and masturbating could be a reason. Anyway, its not late. You may please have a control on those things. Do good amount of physical exercise. Avoid excess junk food . Follow an active life style . Do good amount of romance with your partner instead of directly heading for sex. If you love her body, just imagine the things which attract you most. Kiss those parts passionately before you make love. Tell her that you love those parts and tell why do love them. She would be more happy and excited to know that. Do lot of foreplay with her body with a very romantic approach. Remember, it is very natural that when you do fore play like breast simulation/ licking of genitals etc you may lose erection during those act but dont get worry for that . Once you do a lot of that and she gets aroused let her work on you and on your tool. Girls know magic to make a penis hardest ; she would do that to you. Then you take a suitable position and start working on her. It would go well gradually. Try patiently and let us know. Our e-mail :

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