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Cant increase hormone gel without unpleasent effects.

36 Male Ive been taking hormone replacment gel trostan for solid three years.

Ive got awful brain fog all the time after exercise, which is moderate and its not related to diet, as I eat unrefined carbs, sugar within safe daily limits get a decent nights sleep.

So if i take 40mg increasing from 30mg that should be help with all these undesirable symptoms.

30mg seems average or low however i did this a couple times and i felt so restless aggressive unsettled on edge it didnt seem worth it.

Take 3 squirts on shoulder alternating between days. 10mg per squirt.

Its so hard recovering and powering through the next day after exercise its like being stuck in a syrup, and wading through a bog.

Worst thing is the short term memory which isnt getting better, and trying to concentrate

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The brain fog also causes horrible clouding, a horrible brain swelling sensation, lack of concentration, awfully hard to focus, distorted thoughts, tried supplements like ashawanadhga ( african root) 500mg omega fish liver oil, multi vitamin daily.


Hello my friend

Though I have been using Tostran gel for 6 years, we are quite different in a lot of respect. I’m 59 and having a fractured spine unable to exercise and obviously less mobile.

I do stick to the prescribed dosage of 30mg. Or three squirts. And apart from reactions to suddenly getting a shot of testosterone, I do not get headaches and blurred vision and headaches. It’s also helped with mood swings and feeling gender confused. And I’ve also got body hair and actually shave now lol.

I was prescribed it for Hypogonadism. I’m sorry I’ve gone a long way around things. But hope you get things sorted.

If you wish to ask anything then please do so.

Good luck

Barry in England

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Hi i was on that and ended up having luckily a small stroke.

Do they give you Aspirin? keeps the blood thinner as taking lots will make the blood like syrup so BP rockets along with clots and other risks inc winky issues!

Which is why have brain fog as blood too thick?

One of the best is hard excerise as triggers natural reactions to uses T but it's not just T the body needs to work it needs a balance.

Do they tell you what your levels are?

There also other factors that keep it low in the body plus it could be your body is converting it into E for one if too high/unused but also could be your body don't want to be high as we are all a mixture from M to F everyone is somewhere between the two.

I know females with high T and function normally and males with high E and likewise.

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Will increasing it ie to 40mg improve recovery time concentration mood lethagy the next day after exercising.

That is ideally what I want to accomplish not feeling so run down the next day after exercise.


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