Trt on nhs

Hi has anyone had testosterone treatment on private?????as nhs dont wanna know and im left with no choice its either treat myself which i aint a clue about or go private im at my whits end.


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  • If your levels don't meet the criteria for treatment then it's about considering private referral and knowing that doc may be prepared to prescribe for you.. Costs for appointment and treatment. Then trying it for say 3 months to see if you feel better

  • Cheers ive been in touch with a private endo and he says my bloods and symptoms are enough for treatment nhs say my bloods are low but in the normal range....well i def dont feel normal at all

  • So the question is whether you're going to go with the private payments.

    You could try treatment for a few months to see if it helps and if it does and your endocrinologist supplies a letter, then you are better placed to try and get NHS treatment.

    However there are usually strict guidelines about treatment levels and many see testosterone as a quick and easy fix, rather than diet and exercise!

  • True about diet and exercise but when your brain cant function and constantly tired its hard

  • I do not understand what you're saying when you say "private." Could you explain more?

  • As in non nhs dr and me paying for treatment

  • 8.6 and im at endo friday so going to ask for a print off of all my bloods and then i will post them

  • Yeah my bloods have always been first thing i know my diet could be better and im overweight but when ive no energy or the brain function to help myself i just need a little help

  • And how is the treatment going??

  • Cool what symptoms did u have

  • Yeah im always tired and down and unable to concentrate my libido is the only non symptom i have

  • Do u feel better on trt im really stressed and down

  • I really hope i get sorted sick of living like this

  • Hello Tia,

    Good news! ~ You can get treated for low testosterone on the NHS, I am currently undergoing such therapy. However, as you may know, there is some controversy over low "T" so most doctors are either not aware or just not interested in the subject.

    To start with I recommend that you keep trying with your GP to get your blood tested for low "T" and if low then ask to be referred to an Endocrinologist at your local NHS hospital. Low "T" is considered to be below 9.9 nmol/l by NHS labs.

    If that fails I suggest that you go to the local NHS sex clinic, try: ~ Hopefully, they should be able to help!

    Best of luck.


    26 Nov 2016

  • How would a sex clinic help??

  • They should be able to test bloods related to erectile disfunction which usually accompanies low "T". So, they can then refer you to a specialist to treat the low "T". It could be another way around the brick wall you are facing!

  • Thanks i know it might not be the magic cure im hoping for but it might help

  • Hi thanks ive had bloods and my test was 8.6 and other bloods were low but nhs saying im in normal range

  • The range will vary depending on the laboratory.

    Getting sex hormone binding globulin and a report of free testosterone may help clarify if borderline.

  • I am on testosterone therapy (through NHS). Have been for a while.

    Just as a warning.

    i had many health problems before, including mental health problems and it's generally made me worse on those. More confident in my masculinity yes. As in. Physically, I feel more manly and can engage more as manly.

    However. It's sent me from having minor symptoms of borderline personality disorder to quite severe ones. Especially toward the anger side, where previously the problem was depression...

  • I can live with that as long as im manly