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Sensitive Issues for Men
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More weird things....

This is somewhat of a follow up of my last post. I mentioned how i was having weird problems that were concerning me and i noticed something else. I have discharge, and my penis looks like it has shrunken in size. Also, when i pulled back my foreskin, it was dry, and my penis looked PALE! There was a ring of red on the bottom of the head and mostly everything else was pale. I checked the back of the head and it was also pale, but there was also a dark spot. It wasnt big, but noticeable. Also when i move my legs while laying down, i get this weird sensation, almost like when you can feel the orgasm coming, but it doesnt. Dont know if i hurt myself because i did masturbate twice in a row once and felt some pain the second time but the problem i habe now came a while after, maybe a week later i would say. Also, weeks prior to that day, i would get this weird sensation after sitting down sometimes. I dont know if it was the position i would sit in but i would get up and it was like a stronger pins and needles feeling on my penis. But im not sure if i just hurt myself doing that but its really worrying. Definitely seeing a doctor asap but has anyone else gone through something like this?

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Hard to say what's going on here, F&C. I can't think that masturbation, how ever many times, can cause damage - providing there was nothing physically aggressive and damaging going on to achieve orgasm. Some of the sensations you describe can occur if catheterisation is being used and this connection between the penis end and the prostate, can generate weird tingles and sometimes stabbing pains. Also, when sitting down, odd feelings can run within the urethral tract. Yes, go and talk it over it with your GP. You can't be in the dark and worried about this. Good luck.


Make sure you pull your foreskin back daily during showering, soap the head of your penis, rinse it and dry it well. As suggested before, see your PCP.