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Why antibiotics can't cure chronic prostatitis?

I have chronic prostatitis for 2 years and I have to take antibiotics to manage the symptoms since I was diagnosed with this painful condition. I know a long-term treatment is needed to treat this chronic inflammation, but is it normal to take antibiotics for the last 2 years? Why it is so difficult to cure with this medicine? Can I take other medication as an replacement? I don't want any further damage to my body. I want my normal life back. Please help me.

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My husband had prostatitis for over three months and the inflammation was cured by a herbal medicine called diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. Antibiotics are effective in killing the bacteria but the infection or inflammation in prostate gland is hard to be removed completely. It's normal for prostatitis lasts for such a long time since it develops chronic. If you have no ways to cope with this condition you can try this herbal pill. Hope it helps.


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