About codeine syrup

Please anyone give me information about codeine syrup ( Dextromethorphan + Pseudoephedrine + triprolidine).Is it responsible to reduce sexulity? or is it causes to make infertility?

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  • I'm no doctor, but, I think because of the kind of drug codeine is it can make it more difficult for some people to achieve an erection

  • codeine is usually made up of codeine and promethazine hydrocloride or phenegan. [ a 1st generation antihistamine and antiemetic. It can also be used off label to help induce sleep. ] It works an a potentiater to enhance the effects of the codeine. In large amounts, codeine syrup may reduce sexdrive as it can get the brain to release more dopamine than it would normally in a day and although dopamine plays a part in sex, it can have the opposite effect on the sexdrive if there is a dopamine shortfall eg large amounts of syrup for a long period of time and no, im also not a doctor either, Hope that helps.

  • Thank u @niketoby

  • Sorry, it should have read " Codeine SYRUP is made up of....."