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Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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Compared to most people on here my problems are trivial. But just thought I'd share that I saw the Consultant Cardiologist last week who assured me that the CMRI scan I had showed no blockages etc And it was a state of the art test showing everything up. Great news. But when I asked what about being told that the small blood vessels were damaged - could this be why I am still out of breath and have chest pains ? He replied that unfortunately the CMRI doesn't show small blood vessels !!!

So basically he has no idea

I related all this to my doctor yesterday and was told " when you find out what's wrong with you can you let me know " ( with a serious face ) !!!!!!!

So .... looks like it's down to me

Sending best wishes to all of you who are struggling xx

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Don't you love doctors!!! My husband can't get down the stairs without his legs collapsing and he has had some spectacular falls out walking that are knocking his confidence. We have seen our local GP, cardio rehab team, a neurologist and will have an MRI scan tomorrow but don't hold out much hope on getting any answers, none seem to know what's wrong.


My understanding of our blood vessels both large and small is this - Our amazing bodies create new pathways with new ones. As an example with someone who gets a varicose vein in the leg removed, the body creates new pathways with new ones. I'm speaking from my own experience with this. So I believe the reason the doctor was not all that concerned about this is because of what I just described. That said definitely keep digging until you can find out what is causing you to still be out of breath and having chest pains.

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Thanks. That's more than any doctor has explained. I am happy to know the cause so I can deal with it. 👍


Mariola Hi. I had ha beginning of April to be medically managed but with naturally low BP and heart rate I can't take usual tablets and have known I haven't had enough tablet support resulting in chest,neck, jaw pains. At last, after recent episode, cardiac nurse tried me on an old tablet which I seem to be able to cope with amlodipine which has largely stopped chest pain. The other major one is ranoxa or ranolazine .I advise you to consult cardiac nurse regularly letting her know you're still getting pains. Mine told me once pains I had for 10 days must be muscular!! Wrong! Ranoxa was doubled and pains stopped.I suffered anxiety too long feeling they thought I was hypochondriac. Don't you get into that place !


Thanks but the Ranolazene they had put me I. Last July was stopped by the consultant a few months ago as he said they were to treat angina - which I didn't have

Recently I haven't been as short of breath and chest pains are more infrequent. But I have no idea why !!!

I can't see a Cardio nurse as I didn't have a heart attack

Err just plodding on 👍


Had it ever been suggested to you that you could have costochondritis? Now it doesn't affect breathing and is supposed to clear after 6 weeks.I get it off and on with quite severe chest pain but not breathing problems. Only one doctor was eventually able to diagnose. It's apparently inflammation at the joints in chest. Mine is definitely related to stress.


Yes i had that diagnosed many years ago With that I can feel the pain on pressing the area But I never had the acute shortness of breath with it.

At the moment I am a lot better. Touch wood. Unfortunately I don't know what it is that I'm doing / not doing to get this result.

Just making the most if it. Fingers crossed 🙂


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