Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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New member here, with Atrial Flutter

Hello. Early last year, I woke with a pounding heart. I'd had it before but possibly not that intense, so I ate breakfast, discussed it with my wife, had a shower, and rang 000 (as you do here in Australia).

Within minutes, the first of two ambulances turned up. One had been in the area and heard the call, the other was sent out from the base.

I spent one night in hospital, and came home knowing I had AFL (Atrial Flutter - different to AF, Atrial Fibrillation). I was put on a rate control med (Sotalol?) but the specialist said no need to continue with that when I saw him some weeks later.

He thoroughly tested me in his rooms and confirmed the problem was electrical misfiring.

He also put me onto Xarelto, as a blood thinner. My online reading has turned up an unwelcome connection with dementia. Not happy about that, of course.

My heart still pounds at times but at 69, life goes on and we do what we want to, with no particular restrictions. Yesterday I walked at a good pace for nearly half an hour... with no adverse effects.

Anybody else here with AFL?


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I started with Atrial Flutter about 5 years ago. Successfully cardioverted and was ok until last year which it started up again. This time I consulted an Electrocardioligist. Another successful cardioversion followed by an successful ablation last November. Except for one small blip I've been fine. Even with angina I'm back to swimming about 20 lengths in the moderate/fast lane. I'm very happy at 79 years. Don't hesitate to have the ablation. Uncomfortable Yes, but painful No. Good luck.


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