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Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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scared help

in the last 3 months i have had 3 ecg first 2 were normal then yesterday i had left arm pain so went to hospital as i have panic anxiety and freaked out a bit they done the ecg and told me it was abit abnormal and i told him how my first two were normal and he just said it's slightly abnormal so they could of just missed it so now i'm panicking and crying in hospital my blood test came back normal and chest x-ray normal i have told my gp before about my heart feels like it's skipping beats he said it's normal as i suffer from palpitations my height and weight was checked as i'm 6 foot 3 my dad died due to a hospital blunder he had pneumonia and they didn't do proper tests on him it was left for so long he couldn't even breath anymore and went into cardiac arrest. The Dr sent me home yesterday at 4 in the morning and said i have been referred to cardiologist for urgent check up and different tests i asked him if it was going to kill me he said no your okay from what i can see i'm just a little concerened about it so you need more tests its might be nothing or it could be something. Should i be worried at i going to die ? i'm only just turned 17

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I do not think you are going to die just yet. Th eyes would. It have discharged you if they thought that. Try. It to get too aaus. I k ow that is easier said than done. I have HD valve problems for the last few years. I needed 2open. Heart surgeries. Going down for the second was really tough but somehow I came through. I can no longer work due to the stAte of my health. The financial drop is crippling. I can do most things but it is difficult. I am trying to care for my husband. I can barely care for myself after a major stroke due to endocarditis. We manage somehow between us. Do not lose hope thAt is the main thing.


Morning James. At last, someone is listening to you. The doctor who has referred to the cardiology team IS LISTENING.

I am 60 ,my Dad died at a young age due to hardening of the arteries, I have suffered from anxiety panic attacks and palpatations too, but with the correct help i'm having a lovely life.

Get in touch with your local MIND association,they will support you.

Attend your appointments and take each day at a time, try to enjoy what you can do , talk to a friend, go for a walk, look at the autumnal colours at wonder at how nature works.

Talking is very good for you.


Hi Jenny, i am so grateful to be able to read letters like yours on here- i have felt so alone since i had my heart attack last April- and having 3 stents inserted ,i only attended one of a course of 10 caridiac excercise classes as it was too far to travel for me- it would have meant two bus rides ,and i wasnt confident enough to do that , i still get panic attacks- or what i have been told they are , ,i can walk for an hour at a time-but my stomach is my main problem now- , it is thought the tablets i have to take are the problem,i wonder if others have had stomach cramps, bloating and weight loss, hoping to find out from others on here x .


Hi James, i really do feel for you ,i know how it feels ,i am 78 yrs old-but i still feel fear and dread since April this year,having a heart attack with no warning-just sitting at my computer one afternoon, ,my son phoned for an ambulance and i cant fault the wonderful care i received , , i had many tests and the outcome was 3 stents were inserted in an artery ,. i wish you all the very best of luck and hope everything turns out alright for you ,. .


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