Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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Cardiac /pulmonary Monitoring - Reveal / Inspire Devices ?

Am very worried about lack of A& E testing and provision leaving Minor Injuries units , Lung Function, Clinics? everywhere run by Nurses to not address in fact discriminating turning away likewise 911.Holter monitor testing & CPAP machine is being used to delay and place me at risk .This is due to lack of provision & social assistance

.My latest GPs when went to address Plan point blank refused to address this or collaborate regarding Boots delaying meds & tele care [ call centre?] issues & further set up - I had had privately with a call centre not following agreed procedures calling out police and ambulances unnecessarily because set up not appropriate,This is still happening with the Reveal device is only sampling interpreted by non medically qualified.

if my other condition/ disability [ spina bifida occula?t utis acute 3 weekly is out of control because of this should I be to blame .What is going on?

The London Hospitals & Cirencester GPs [ NB now Stroud ] before had deliberately not transferred monitoring despite regular requests & having to change surgeries when did not happen with referral to tertiary hospital because of disability .

Now they are point blank refusing to address pulmonary/cardiac issues starting with diagnosis from Royal Free ignoring NHS Constitution telling me to go and the next GPs in my area doing the same 2 weeks later along with Boots deliveries telling to go elsewhere when doing dorset boxes 4 weekly ignoring urgent scripts.

This is because they suspect they consider me to be too risky. The senior partner who I have never met but encountered was the same blocking assistance [ mask, med plan ]on the phone.

When the hospital writes to a GP whose list they have put you on without agreement and have never met appears not to be there what is going on because now the others are not reading or examine test results if seem OK for a Nurse or admin.If you are on preventative doses dip sticks may not show specific bug that needs targeting. Should Nurses & technicians on remits & contracts be doing this?

If tests ok and still have symptoms surely need to investigate further rather than blame .

So in order I have protection in risky situation I need either mini pacemaker or Inspire [ CPAP] device .But who will consider this as have to see a Registrar blocking next timeI go ?