Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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What if ??

Hi all I had two heart attacks in October 2010 was it the stress of work ?? My life style ?? I think it was a combination of all these plus. They said if I was not in the ambulance when I arrested my chance of survival was nil. So I had to make life changes not just for me but for my family . Friends. & associates. But the what if will never go away. Will it happen again ?? So I have adopted this as my motto. Live life and appreciate every moment. Life will still put challenges in your way but I am still here to take them on .

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I don't think it every leaves us that feeling that it could happen again. It's important that we lose the poor victim syndrome though. So your moto is sure to help. Good luck.

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Cheers Andyman


The older I get the more stubborn I get and I refuse to let my Leukemia and Heart condition get the best of me! Believe my children when I say I am stubborn.... I was depressed and just recognizing the fact that I was feeling depressed I decided that this is not going to weigh me down....sure I am not the athlete I was before , but now this is a new me and if anything does me in be it ,but I am mentally prepared to enjoy my remaining life.

This is not a permanent change in my personality because every day something brings me back to depression but within a second I recognize it and change my thoughts to something that I cherish ,like my family or the beauty of nature.

This works for me , but I am an old codger ... try to believe in yourself and you will live to be as old as I am... fish 61


Live and love life fish61


Having gone through and surviving two cardiac arrest events, one in 2001 and one Dec 2013, I found it can happen more than once. That said, so what. I used to be so concerned about that. Now my only concern is if I did have another event, if I survive it how much more screwed up would I be, or best case scenario I would be able to pass on. Sounds a bit morbid I know, but what I experienced both times on what I call the other side was so wonderful, peaceful and loving, I look forward to being there again. Don't get me wrong I am doing everything I can to live the best life I can while I'm still here. I have no fear of death. Quite the opposite. By the way I appreciate you sharing your motto. I really like it.


Live life sca2013 x


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