Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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Heart is trying to kill me

On Boxing day in 2012, I woke up having a heart attack. The family took me to the hospital and the next morning I went to another hospital and had a stent put in. Not one to sit around, we went to Mexico 6 days later for a week, came home and I went back to work on Monday. No one actually told me that I should have taken 3 months off work. I was tired, but felt fine. January, 2013, after our vacation in Mexico, during curling, I started to have some angina. I went to the hospital to find out that I had unstable angina. Back for stent insertion. This time; however, the first stent that they put in was blocked so they had to put another one in. As they did that, the pushed plaque into another artery and I had another heart attack. That led to another stent. This year on December 6th, the pain started again. Went to the hospital, went for angio, added four more stents for a total of 7 now. Apparently, I grow plaque like most people grow hair. I did everything that the doctors told me to do. I go to a gym with a trainer, I don't eat fried food, I take all my medications, I don't drink every day, I don't eat salt. My biggest problem is smoking. I am trying to quit....I tried the patch, I still want the cigarette. January 5, 2016, I see my doctor. She is talking Champix. (I don't think that I spelled that right). I am afraid to take it because of the medication that I take for depression. Does anyone else use it?

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Hi! I am a chronic smoker,I tried champic 4 times,,I had got down to 4 smokes a day,,my bro passed, each time I tried to go back on champix,,the depression got worse,bad nightmares,even daytime awake ones.. I have tried the e-cig/do both,, I had stroke in 1991.another in 1995,open heart in 2005,mechanical valve,hole in heart,pace maker,Lost my father in dec2011, had heartache in jan11.2012 do to Afibb.I had 3 cardo versions to get back rhythm to normal,, in june of 2013 they did ablasion,now Iam on total pacemaker,Iam 60 now and so wore out from it all. If it wasn't for The Lord given me his strenghtI wouldn't be here!! Take your time healing..even tho the don't open you up,,you still need to heal those vessel from inside!! lifting more than 5lbs.pulls myupper muscles then in pain..Wish you luck n all areas of your life.God Bless!


I wrote 2 bigger posts but deleted them.

I was too rude.

Stop smoking. I smoked 40 a day and did it. No excuses. Just stop. You never did everything the doctors asked.


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