Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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Another my story

Well I woke up that morning a little late. I was therefore in a rush.

I had 2 hours to pack for a trip to China, shower, have breakfast and be ready for a lift to Heathrow.

Rushed around half packet, rushed my breakfast and got in the shower.

Realised then I had indigestion and tried to stretch it out and burb it down but it didn't shift.

Something in the back of my head said heart attack but hey they happen to other people not me..

Finished the shower and pain was not moving and I began to think it was more serious. But I had a plane to catch and really calling the ambulance and getting rushed to hospital to find out I had rushed my breakfast and then calling the Chinese to say I wont be there because I have indigestion was noit an option. Any HA's don't happen to me they are for those other guys.

No one home so soldier on. BUT I did look out my window to check if my neighbours were in.

Then the pain started in the back of my neck then down my left arm. I seen the movies I knew then this was serious. Went to my neighbours as I was still not man enough to call an ambulance myself. The took one look at me and called immediately. Paramedic came in no time at all and set me up on an ECG and said I was having a heart attack then not having one she was confused.

Ambulance came with 3 angels aboard took on look at the ECG and confirmed heart attack and bundled me lovingly into the ambulance. We were heading to the nearest heart specialist hospital John Radcliff in Oxford. Got a couple of miles up the road and they said I was too unstable and had to divert me to the local hospital in Milton Keynes to try and stabilise me. We get to the local hospital and they are waiting for me. And my family files in and out and I feel suddenly that I am going. I say this and then pleasantly drifted off. Then there is a click in my brain and the whole world rushes in and I am awake again with a nurse right above my face. and I come round. My heart had stopped evidently and they had to shock me back a few times but I was back. Then the doctor was really happy as all that had stabilised me enough to get me back in the ambulance and the doctor came with me (just in case I found out later).

I get to Oxford and again there is a whole team ready for me and over a period of time my heart stopped 4 more times and I was recovered and I had 2 stents put into the right side of my heart. They had wanted to do by pass but I would have killed me so they tried stenting and this did the trick even though they thought it wouldn't. Talking the next day they said that basically they know whether you will survive of not and I was a not. But their job is to keep trying until the end whether that's a good end or a bad end.

Evidently they all cheered when they fixed the blockage and I survived and I had made their day which had been pretty shitty up till then.

NHS at its brilliant best. I cannot fault it all.

Outcome 6 2weeks alter I had another 2 stents on the left side put in and now they are happy with me.

Of course its not the end for me. I have lost 80 pounds in weight. Stopped the 30 a day smoking. managed my newly discover diabetes, exercise everyday and have a completely different life style. Yes I was a fat drinking smoking unfit idiot. I was having a great time but killing myself.

Worst part was what happened in my head. I was always a guy with a direction in life, driven and with purpose. After my head as a whirl of insecurity and directionless and confused and and and..........

So after getting the body right I had to see a shrink (sod the stigma) to get my head right. Is it right now. No but I can live with lack of direction and ambition. Mindfulness really helps me cope with it all but I am happy to be directionless. I have one goal and that is to stop working ASAP. At the ripe old age of 62 I will retire this Christmas. I cant do working anymore. I want a life for me and my ever growing bucket list.

3 years on and I still wake up every morning and its the first thing that enters my head. But hey I am here and going to live my life some more.

Sorry its so long but it helps me to get it out of my system and good therapy.

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Thank you so much for sharing this. It's great to see that you're physically so much better and have hopes for the future. Best of luck!

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Thank you for sharing! Please keep us updated on your recovery, especially the bucket list! Best xx

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Best of luck for the future


I can agree with you about the loss of apitite to follow a direction in life albeit younger than you at 54, now 58. My wife's finished As well (55 now) and we are going through getting her pension out, I've not got one because we put everything into hers because she went into teaching late, thinking that there's another few years of paying and bonus? (Unless the gov take more away, we've been waiting 6 months now)

I cannot argue with my wife, giving up work! Over the last few years her father died 4 years after an eight bypass (borrowed time, his words) and her mother died 18 months ago with bowel cancer and then there was me bubbling along side her, she almost flipped!

Money is a major issue, PIP are not too interested in heart problems so nothing there and we have some savings so no benefits there but which is more important money or well being? Back to the direction in life debate again!

Take care the world will still revolve?



Thanks Andyman, you not only helped yourself you helped ME too,thank yu for sharing your story ,i know now i am not alone x


This sounds like my story except I'm a few years younger you have given me hope thank you very much


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