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hello everyone ive suffered rls for years ive been on ropinrole for about 2yrs ive just changed to pramipexole and ive just had 2 days of hell no sleep at all and constant pain i thought they were bad before but im not as bad as some peaple on this blog do you think its worth sticking with my new tablets will it get better as my dose goes up im on 2 .125mg at moment i could just about cope on ropinrole but i thought i could make it better but reading this blog im not as bad as some people i usally get a bout while at work but if i keep active im ok on a evening when it starts i use treadmill for 10 mins or take dog for a walk this usally clears that bout up when im in bed i have to go to spare bed and it goes almost immediatly i can see other people are a lot worse than me but i think im getting worse i would appreciate any help and advice to help me out does exercise work for other people and what about diet any advice would be welcome as i dont know any one else with this problem so ive no one to talk to about it who understands sometimes im at my witts end and dont know what to do for best thank you for reading my post

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  • Hello davebunny,

    I always find it really difficult to change tablets. I always have at least a week or two of misery during the changeover. But stick with it, you're past the worst,

    Do you have just one dose at night? Or is it spread out through the day? What did your Doctor tell you?

    I take Pramipexole 0.52mg prolonged release tablets morning and night, and they work very well for me.

    It always takes a while to get the dose right. I hope you get at least some sleep tonight.

  • hello patchworker thanks for your reply im taking 2 x o.88 at night ive never taken anything through day i work long hours and with machinery would i be ok with a tablet through the day my docter hasnt been very helpfull i must start to ask him more quistions im not very good at that im going to give it another day and see what happens when i see doc ill have to ask about dosage through day also when im working nights because i get it bad through night while at work good to hear from you i feel better just to hear that thanks again

  • hi romany53 thanks for your response when i took my ropinrol if i didnt get to bed whithin 1 hour it made me feel sick and turned me into a zombie im going to stick with it and see how it goes thanks again

  • hi tallula i always felt ok when i got up and i always slept when i got to bed but sometimes it took 1 hour to take affect and sometimes even less and i felt sick drunk confused i felt if i didnt get in bed straight away i wouldnt get there but it only effected me like that when i was tired usually after a nightshift but i needed to take them to make me sleep when i was not tired and went to bed the ropinrole didnt seem to work thats why i changed tablets what medication are you on now and how did you cope with the change ?

  • hope you get sorted ill let you know how i go on with my medication in a few weeks when its settled down

  • hi davebunny, do you get the rls symptoms when you are active and moving around at work?

  • no just when im resting my job involves working or sitting about waiting for breakdowns i find if i go for a walk round factory it takes it off for a while

  • well bear in mind this is my own opinion based on what I do.....I am trying to avoid dopamine drugs and stuff for as long as possible. I dont usually have symptoms when I am busy and moving around, only when I settle to sit or sleep...If I get busy again it usually settles down till I stop. I cope by taking 2 x30/500 co codamol. this helps stop the symptoms and helps me sleep. (usually). You say your symptoms are not as bad as others....remember ...your pain is your pain...dont compare it to anyone else and think of yourself struggling any less than others!!! x x x

  • hello everyone who replied to me just to let you know i had a good sleep last night i took my tablets as i should and also pain killers i could feel a bit of pain and woke twice through nite but took more pain killers and went straight to sleep waking up feeling a lot better i can still feel a bit of pain in my legs but im going back to docs to discuss medication through day and hopefully ill get it settled down thanks for your replies again i will keep reading this forum as ive found it really usefull i feel better just to talk to people with the same condition as me

  • How did you get on with your doc davebunny!

  • i have not been yet im waiting to see how i go on all week im making an appointment for friday ive been ok all wkend but ive been on 12hr nights which i used to get a lot of pain but ive hardly had any the test will be this week when im at home all nite i used to get pain from 7 oclock right through nite so hopefully theyve been ok so far lets hope it carries on like that ive also taken a few painkillers and done excercise if i felt anything thanks for asking i will keep you posted

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