I cant sleep at all my ankles, knees, wrists, and elbows are driving me insane it happen a few times here and there but its been every night

ALL night now I dont have health insurance but am working on that because i am flipping out im so tired and frustrated these uncontrollable urges to extend my elbows and legs are starting to hurt bad I cant believe this is happening I got some ropinrole from a friend but it dont help either does countless number of sleeping pills, What can I do till I can see a doc please help.

p.s its 4 am again.

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  • You poor soul :(

    In truth nothing much at all officially. What I do AGAINST my Dr's advice is over medicate with pain killers and either 'numb' my limbs or drop off to sleep.

    To avoid overdose I add meds slowly until one of the above happens rather than take a handful at one go. I am now experienced and can start with a few and add from there every 15-20 mins or so.

    Choice as always is yours. Some folk are going to be going ballistic right now considering such advice or practice as reckless etc etc. I need to get thru the night / day to be able to live my life. So that's the choice I make. So please don't join in just to tell me off, if you have other suggestions that WORK that's fine, love to hear them.



  • Your regular physician had no problem prescribing pain killers. I sleep an avg of 3-4 hours cause of restlessness in knees & elbows Lack of sleep has made me irrateable

  • I actually just tried this same thing tonight, and I think its helping but im scared to commit to actually trying to sleep yet cause not sure I can handle another night off these feelings.

  • And I agree I dont care what I have to do or take to be able to sleep, if this works tonight then it will be my main goal to accomplish this every night!!

  • I agree BobM. My doctor prescribes Requip 4xl and it helps my RLS but I still don't sleep. I am now taking Co-Codamol 30/500 which I am self prescribing. I was given sleep meds which only help if the RLS hasn't kicked in but even they don't work and I only have a limited supply. I am out of the UK at the moment and whatever I can buy from the chemist here I will. My only advice to anyone would be always check this forum regarding meds not suitable with RLS meds and also make sure you are taking them safely.

  • I find that cocodamol 30/500 (30 mg codein and 500mg paracetamol) helps. It takes about 30 mins or so to begin to work. It lasts about two hours but can give you that window you need to sleep. Take two tablets and then repeat 4 hours later if necessary. Do NOT take any other drugs containing paracetamol at the same time.

  • Ok its one thirty am im gonna see if my self meds work, here's for wishful sleeping for us.

  • please don't take sleeping pills as they usually make the condition ( RLS ) worse. I have severe RLS and take ropinirole 0.25mg four times a day. Two in the afternoon and two before I go to bed. They don't help sleep but do keep the RLS under control, so far!

    Good luck! I do hope your doctor can help.

  • Bless you. Hope that this painful phase will pass. Mine does after a period and then gets more manageable. I used to self medicate with co-codamol. But helpfully my GP prescribed me codeine because I didn't actually need the paracetamol. It was the codeine that was helping both with the pain and the RLS. Take good care.

  • Ok thanks for the feed back you guys snd lets say maybe I took twenty five mills of vicodins and felt no symptoms of rls last night slept pretty good for the first night in over a week gonna lower the dose next time just gonna have to find more.

  • When you see your doctor be sure to get him to check your iron and magnesium levels. Mine were well below what they should be and by taking iron tablets and magnesium I am much improved (not perfect). Keeps me from taking the really heavy meds for a while. best of luck

  • Thank you daisy I will be sure to ask himand I am taking a heavy multi vvitamin because of this.

  • my doc says there is not enough iron in multivitamins. By taking prescribed iron from your doctor it can be monitored

  • Ok daisy I will for sure ask about this, and I hate to admit this but I have used pain killers for the last three nights and have had absolutely no systems and slept through the night, not good though dont want to be dependent on this.

  • Whatever you take which helps relieve RLS, you will become dependent on them. I take Pramipexole and i am dependent on it. Please access the video that Nightdancer has put up on a post. You will hear all about pain meds and how they are used for RLS.

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