Happy Thoughts

Happy Thoughts

I felt we could all do with a few happy thoughts. I am away in Cumbria for the week with the other half and the dog in our van..We have done lots of walking but the weather is very cold but dry.Everytime I start off on the uphill climbs I wonder to myself why on earth am I doing this, but when I get to the top....well you can see why!!!! It puts everything into perspective for a little while! Hope you like the photo..it really doesn't do it justice!

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  • I like your attitudes dear dragon :)

  • Hi Dragon, makes me very homesick, fantastic photo, my parents lived there for years and my father walked the fells often. My sister lives there still in Staveley. If you pass, call in to Wilf's cafe bar, it is a brilliant place. Ask for Janet and remember me to her!!!

    Have a great week.

  • Good morning Dragon, nice to read that you're enjoying and thanks for that beautiful picture. We in Holland, we have no hills !!!

  • Thankyou people....I know this is an rls support group but in my mind we need to spread some joy too. We all suffer such a lot and its good to share happy stuff too. We have come up here at this time for the last 3 years. This trip is bitter sweet . My dog jess died last year and I miss her terribly. I see her lots round here. Latrigg was her last good walk. We are going to climb haystacks today although it starting to snow! Have a good day everyone.......pasties later or maybe fish and chips !!!

  • Where do you stay at dragon? Me and my husband have a caravan and love to go places, we have two dogs and love to walk! We love Keswick and wasdale and most our walks are ennerdale ! Hope you had a great time! It's very cold today here and starting to snow in Whitehaven Cumbria :-)

  • Scuse my ignorance but what is a Cumberland pastie ! We in Cornwall hold the recipe for the best and most delicious.. (okay, debatable) But what's the difference. (i'm an interested foodie)

  • Hey dragon,

    Sounds fab, looks fab, food'll taste fab! You enjoy a great time :-)

  • We have stayed at Keswick on the lakeside by the rugby club...but they are doing lots of work and had no room this year so we are on a site called scotgate at Braithwaite...I would like to go to the lower lakes but not many places are open at this time of year it seems and we need elec.!!!!!!!

    Well we did it .....been out all day a million mile walk..haystacks to red pike....it was lovely... had sausage rolls today and soggy ham and tomato sandwiches

    I don't think cumbrian pasties are any different from cornish pasties...maybe a different proportion of


    And no romany.....the dragon doesn't share food!!!!!!

  • GREAT! our cocker used to love the Lakes. We stayed in Keswick and walked and walked and ....... no problems with symptoms until we got back to work the next week.

    Have been to Norfolk for a few days ....... lovely time despite snow flurries!

    A holiday theme maybe? Where are you going to next .......

  • Also love Skelwith Bridge area and Elterwater, the Pubs there are great!

  • i'm lucky enough to live in the area which i agree is very beautiful but it can be darned cold

    here's a poser for you. the lake district is not really an accurate name for the area, there is only one actual lake, do you know which it is??

  • Windermere?

  • I KNOW, I KNOW........Bassenthwaite.......(I think)!

  • Home today...we had a lovely week . Thankyou for all your lovely comments and I hope you enjoyed a snippet of my life. ! X

  • Was it Bassenthwaite, I wondered in the early hours whether I had been correct ;-)

    I plan to visit: Norwich, Brighton, Lewes, Northumberland in the next few months

  • is that for fun or work?

  • Well done everyone, yes it's Bassenthwaite. Windermere is a mere, Coniston is a water, Derwent is a water etc

    Have a lovely time all who visit, remember to close the gates and i hope the weather is kind to you :)

  • Thanks The Dragon - for fun: walking, antique shops, jewellry, scenery. We are now retired. So try to get out and about around the UK as much as possible.

  • Oh yes....I still got happy thoughts.....my middle son age 24 is home for a week (he lives in Southampton) and he is cooking dinner for me and the other two tomorrow. My youngest is 21 and I hope he will be there too. He is at uni and he has certainly flown the nest.....I never hear from him now!!!!! My daughter is almost 26 . I see a lot of her cos she lives nearby at the moment with her dad. It will be really lovely to have them all together!!

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