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Rotigotine patch; best time of day to apply and how long does it take to work?


I've just started using the Rotigotine patches after suffering augmentation with Pramipexole. Can anyone advise on the best time of the day to apply the patch and how long it may take for the patches to work? This is my third day and my rls is much worse and I'm not getting much sleep, my arms are affected as well.

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If you have augmented on one dopamine med, you will augment on another one. The patch would normally work straight away. So you have just switched augmenting on the Pramipexole to augmenting on the patch. Sorry to tell you that bad news.

Salisbury51 in reply to Hidden

Well thanks for the bad news, not quite sure where to go from here

What I would recommend is to stop the patch asap - you need several months away from a DA after augmenting.

If you have only been using the Dopamine drugs then there are a whole host of others to use and look at treatment options on left.

I personally think Targinact is great as is codeine and Tramadol, (although there can be some augmenting with Tramadol). PLUS the side effects of the DA's can be very insidious and you wont even realise its changing you!!!!!

Salisbury51 in reply to raffs

Thanks, I've actually just come off Tramadol as it was giving me headaches

raffs in reply to Salisbury51

Unfortunately there is never one size fits all and there will be trial and error. Personally speaking having tried Mirapexin, Neupro patch, Lyrica, Gabapentin, Targinact, Codeine, Tramadol, paracetamol, Methoxetamine, cannabis, a variety of antidepressants, tonic water, aromatherapy, prayer yoga, exercise, hot baths, drumming and Kratom.

Kratom, (apart from having to take it - yuk) is by far the best drug to use as in most efficacious and least side-effects followed by the opioids, cannabis, gaba & Lyrica then the DA drugs.

I have the DA ones last not because they are no good - for me at the beginning they were great but long term personality changes thought disturbance and augmentation put them at the bottom.

It will be trial and error for us all but knowing what I know now that would be the way I rank the drugs.


Have you tried Gabapentin. ?

No I haven't but is that another Dopamine agent?


Gabapentin isnt a dopamine med. Look on for a list of meds available for RLS.

connie50 in reply to Hidden

hi Elisse just clicked on your link as above & its someone talking about wills for over 60 someone called David Richardson was is name.

Hidden in reply to connie50

Thank Connie i will correct it.


Hi Salisbury 51,

I came off the Pramiprexole (I was on 6 a day : 2 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and 2 in the evening) very slowly. It took me 3 weeks, by going on 5 for 4 days, 4 for 4 days, etc. At night I sometimes took two co-codamol to help me sleep. Coming off was pretty awful. I had many crying sessions in the middle of the night.

I am much better now that I am on 2 mg Rotigotine Neupropatch which I put on at about 4 pm. I clean the skin first thoroughly so that it sticks properly. I only put them on my upper arms, either on top or under the arm, because on my body they start itching. I try to stick to the same time every day. This is mostly OK, although I still get a bit restless in the evenings sometimes. I also look at what I eat, because I have certain triggers. Good luck!

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