here I go again with my theory

Following on from a comment I made earlier about being grateful that my 3 children have so far shown no symptoms of RLS...something clicked ...

I have previously written about the genetic (probably biochemical) connection between ..rls, depression, hypothyroidism, addiction and probably some i havent cottoned onto yet..I have had problems with all these at various points in my life and my children dont.! They are aged 21, 23, and 25. my RLS started at about 13 ...

Just an interesting thought!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I have a brother and a sister who dont have it far as I know my parents mum could sit quietly and knit for hours!.....I will have to go and do some mendles basic genetics!!!....

  • Hi, my mum had it, she used to walk around the house for hours...knitting in tow :)

  • I would like to learn guided sleepwalking...i could take the dog out safely , keep moving and be asleep!!!!!

  • let me know when you master it, you can teach me, and i will get myself a dog :)

  • I inherited my RLS from my father and have a brother who also has it.... so far both of my children have not shown any symptoms of RLS, one is 44 yrs and one is 30 yrs. But they most likely have inherited the gene from me, just nothing seems to have triggered it off....yet.

  • i started with RLS when i was about 8yrs old so far as i know no one else in the family has it although my granddaughter of 4yrs old showing signs just not sure if it's cramp or RLS as yet hopefully cramp , hmm... would be great if could sleep through it without being woken up whiles roamming the house lol yeah same as tallula let me know when you've mastered it and pass it on how lol :P least wouldn't need a torch to go walking down the lane long i don't wake up in the stream bbbrrrrr,

  • I have become an absolute expert at walking around at night in the dark, inside and out, even when we visit my husband's family interstate, because I don't want to wake anyone it seems like a sixth sense sets in! I am the first in my family to have RLS but 2 of my 3 children have it they are 32 and 34.

    I have had RLS since I was about 21 - 42 yrs! and getting worse.

  • I would not be surprised if this is genetic. I am pretty sure that my mother had it, she complained about pain in and around her knees. None of my three daughters show any sign.

    But my female cousins on my mothers side ca20 or so all complain of cold feet and sleeping in woollen socks. My husband bought sewn socks/shoes padded in IKEA before Xmas they are called MARGARITAif anyone is interested. My sleep has improved greatly since I started sleeping in them. Instead of waking up at 03:30 ca I sleep until 06:15 ca. This has helped me a lot enjoy your coffee


  • 65% of all RLS cases are genetic and the studies came out in 2007 and 2009, as the genes were discovered and indentified. Both me and my 2 sisters have RLS, plus my two nieces, ages 28 and 32, and my niece's 2 kids, ages 6 and 8. Neither of my parents ever had any symptoms of it, so the gene was passed onto us, but it was never triggered in either of my parents. It is defintely a family affair here. ;)

  • Hello,

    It is proven to be genetic and at the moment there are 11 of our family that we know of that suffer from RLS running through 4 generations that we are certain of. We have all had bloods taken and genetic testing in a special hospital has been taking place for some time and awaiting on results.

    One of my children in their thirties suffers with RLS since their teens and who seems to take after me for most things. My other child takes after their father and is also in their thrirties and as yet shows no signs of RLS thank goodness.

  • Thats interesting, that you are all waiting for the genetic test results. Has your child which isnt showing any RLS symptoms also had the test. ??

    I am really interested to see what the results say.

    Please keep us informed... :)

  • Oh Raphael so sorry you have so many in your family with it..... I've known forever it's genetic, and I'm so interested in the theories. If you are having genetic testing maybe you can tell me more. I reckon having made loads of diagrams yesterday which ended up making my brain bleed!!!! Ha ha ......that the gene/ genes involved are on the x chromosome. So my parents didn't have it or my brother and sister.... if both my parents had it on their x genes and I got both then I've got rls. My kids dont have it so they got a bad .x from me and a good x (or y for the boys) from their dad. Which in my little theory means if you have 2 bad x then your screwed as it were!!! This is my own little musings .... Can't find any info on line .

  • Where did you find the info on the x chromosome theory... something i have never seen... or is this just your theory... ??????

  • I can't find any ref on's just what I figured out with what knowledge I already have Mendels laws of genetics. It might be just a load of bunkum I've made up , but it makes sense to me!

  • smooth pea wrinkled pea.... Basic bio! Only 2 of 11 siblings have it, but 2 of my 3 children do. Have not heard of any in the generation ahead of us though - no parents or grandparents. I suspect there's both a genetic and environmental factor. Is it more prevalent today than i the past? Or do we just whine more? :-)

  • I do know the defective genes have certain numbers to them....cant remember what they are, without looking it up...

  • The genes are BTBD9 and TOX3

  • Wow. Thankyou....tox eh......does that stand for a toxic gene ha ha

  • your welcome. :)

    the mayo clinic say this is one also ME1S1

    but i dont know much about this yet

  • yes, i think its toxic im my case !! :)

  • I have to do more learnings about dominant and reccesive genes....

  • I love this stuff!!!! I am going to be a research student when I grow you think I have time..I`m 55 in a couple of weeks so I`d best get a scoot on!!!!

  • Seems to me that this affliction is definitely neurological and I can identify with the depression, addictive personality and hypothyroidism. Thing is though, how does one overcome this particular area of the psyche/brain?

  • Well that's the question we all want answers to!! Maybe some day we will get a cure!

  • Dear All,

    Sorry for the delay in replying regarding our family genetic testing.

    One question that was asked regarding one of my children who does not have RLS. The answer is no, she was not given the blood test as she shows no sign at all of having RLS. In fact she has not long had a baby and I would have thought if she was going to show any sign she would have certainly shown some symptoms while pregnant.

    I will stay in touch and of course will let you know any information as soon as I know myself.

    Take care


    Regarding a good doctor for RLS I also would have recommended Prof. K. Ray Chaudhuri from Kings. He is the best and came to my rescue after suffering with RLS for 39 years. It is 50 years now since I have had RLS and Prof. Chaudhuri has been taking care of me for 12 years now.

  • FYI, RLS during pregnancy does not happen in every pregnancy, even in the same woman. My niece had raging RLS with her first baby, then with the 2nd one she had no RLS. So, there is no pattern, as this is a fairly normal pattern. :(

  • My father had RLS quite badly and 2 sisters also have it. My 30 yr old daughter has now started with it mildly so I am guessing that sort of proves it is genetic eh. Having said that my 2 sisters are very much like my dad but my brother and other sister who don't suffer are very much like their mum who didn't have it so maybe there is something in this gene pool theory. My brain hurts .........................

  • I agree and think it is genetic.

    Anyway, I have had great success treating it by wearing compression stickings when it acts up. I have the creapy crawly type of RLS, not pain.

    The stockings stop the need to move and let me sleep.

  • It is scientifically proven that 65% or more cases of RLS are genetic, or Primary RLS.

  • The 3 rules for following genetic coding is as This your basic rules for coding, and then go on from there. ;)

  • Here is one link you can follow online about genes being discovered, plus just put "restless legs syndrome genes" in your search box, and you will find loads of info on it. ;) I promise if you do that search you will find plenty to read and your brain will not bleed. LOL I did it on yahoo, just so you know. ;)

  • Oooo lots to read...thank you..that should keep me quiet for a bit!!!

  • Hi dragon,

    I reckon your onto something. I have been " lucky " enough to have had all the same wonderful experiences as yourself. I'm an alcoholic, bi-polar, fybromyalgic with an

    alarming array of sleep disorders. My mother had 5 siblings that were alcoholic and funnily enough, whilst she does not have RLS, just today I was speaking to her sister, my aunty, that she has RLS..

    I don't know much about genetics, but I do know that apparently alcoholism or proness to addiction and bi-polar are carried on the same gene.

    keep up the research !

  • I find it all really interesting....I can't find out much about it but I've worked out it might be all connected. I don't really like the idea of genetic engineering but this would be well worth it.

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