Here we go again

I have had nearly a week free from RLS. I am waiting to have blood tests done on the 21st to see how my iron levels are. I can't believe I have to wait for 2 weeks for a test then another week for results. My legs have never stopped since 9 o'clock tonight and I feel as though they are getting worse by the is going to be a long night I think.

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  • You have my sincere sympathy knitknax58. Are you taking anything for relief?

  • |Apart from painkillers and my codiene phoshate, clonazepam , l rub Phorpain Gel on and around my knees. lt helps a bit, l have also started hanging my feet out of the bed until they are cold upto my knees.

  • Hi thing to point out is that if you are lacking in iron it can take some months for the body to reach a "normal" iron keep on with eating well and good iron intake.


  • RLS can go "quiet" for seemingly no reason at all , and then pop back up to say hi! have you started any new meds for anything, not just RLS? Do you keep an RLS diary, what you eat, the meds you take, herbals, tricks you use, and so on? A diary can help show a pattern.

  • l haven't done a diary up to now but it's a good idea so i will start one today and see what turns up regularly in it. Thanks nightdancer.

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