Restless Legs Syndrome
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Woke up middle of last night in absolute agony

And still have all the pain now, from my neck right down to my feet, and have mild numbness in my right arm/hand. I am still unable to get a docs appointment and no pharmacy will let me buy anything stronger than paracetamol without a prescription =( ( that includes over the counter co-codamol & ibuprofen ) because of my epilepsy =(

I have had 2 hours sleep and just feel like crying constantly... Is this another symptom of RLS ?

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i'd defo go to the Hospital if i felt like that to get it checked out if i couldn't get through to the Dr's


NUMBNESS has not a thing to do with RLS. Could be side effects from epilepsy meds, and you are on a LOT of them. Possibly, referring to feeling like crying, that COULD be a side effect of meds, since since MOST of them can cause or trigger mood disturbances, especially in the epilepsy drugs. One thing that is emphasized is "mood changes" with ALL the meds you are on, remembering your list from yesterday.


I would listen to nightdancer. First I would try to let my body exerts all epilepsy drugs and then I would visit a doc.


Idont think its wise to stop all epilepsy meds, without seeing your doctor, it could bring on a seizure,


E are you ?


Hi guys and thanks.. i have stopped taking the gabapentin against my gp's orders.. and still in pain day and night o.O even tho i have stoped the meds the pain continues..

Ive no idea what it is and my gp is refusing to help..

Not in agood place right now..


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