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Family planning and RLS

Hi Everyone,

I have been diagnosed with RLS for less than a year. Having read the posts from others, I would describe my symptoms as moderate. I take 1 sometimes 2 0.88 pramipexole in the evening as the twitching starts the moment I sit down and relax.

My partner and I want to try to conceive as I'm 37 this year we need to get a move on! My GP has said that I cannot take the pramipexole and that there is no safe RLS medication for use during pregnancy. So I have given up smoking, drinking alcohol, caffiene and weaned off the medication for bipolar disorder (all of which was required as part of the family planning process) and I've been walking to and from work in the hope that the RLS symptoms would reduce, but no :o((

So, does anyone have any suggestions for managing RLS without medication?

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Hi I am 35 and am on the nupro patch I too am trying for a family it is very difficult and very emotional , I have tried to stop the medication but I can not do it so its a risk I will take and hopefully things will be ok I am waiting to see the doctor at the hospital for advice on tests and scans because I know gp s say there is a risk and I have already lost one child so desparete to have a family x good luck Hun


One of the hardest things to do, is trying to manage RLS without meds. You definately want get alot of sleep. The first thing is getting off the pramipexole, if you take that regular then getting off that to start with is hard.

The only way to cope with RLS without meds, are coping technics. A website that might help you is Jill Gunzel's website, altho Jill isnt with us anymore, she died quite recently, her website is still there for anyone to look at.

Good luck.


DITTO, Elisse, and never pay out money for a "cure" you find on the internet. Being pregnant with RLS si a hard job, but worth it in the end. :) Be preopared for RLS to worsen in 3rdf trimester or before. treatnent page, and there is a sectionbon preganancy. Depending on your doctor and osw you personlaybfeel aqbout meds, there are a few meds sued in the US during pregnancy. Personally I would noy trust snyting to ruin my baby's life, but when you do get pregnant be prepared, and I hope you have good support system at home.


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