Thyroid problems & rls

I`m wondering if thyroid underactivity could have a part to play in rls, as I have a mild form if this, at least most of the time. I have been diagnosed with a slightly underactive thyroid, & Iv`e read on some websites that this can cause rls. Has any member of this site taken thyroid meds, & had any improvment in their symptoms as a result?

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  • Ive been taking thyroid meds for many years, hereditary thing like my I've had rls since about 10 years old and was diagnosed withr underactive thyroid in my 20's I personally don't believe interactive thyroid causes rls. But I do believe they are all connected genetically. Plus other things. I've written a blog on this somewhere ages ago. See what others think. Have a good day ! Sorry ...underactive...that should read , my phone won't let me change it!

  • Hi there I have an underactive thyroid and before I was diagnosed I had terrible restless legs and they eased as my thyroid medication kicked in. I have since changed to t3 liothyronine and if my dose need raised my legs get restless in the evening. It drives me crazy. But once I go to bed I can ignore it and fall asleep. Some evenings I am ok.

    Jo xx

  • That's good it worked for you . I have heard this before. Unfortunately it didn't work for me x

  • no, but it is oe thing to rule out when your doctor is doing that to make a firm diganosis of RLS. Thyroid issues will make you tired, etc, but has nothing to do with RLS in and of itself. You van ahve both issues at the same time, so you may think it is all one cause, but not so.. Another RLS internet rumor that even some doctor believe. MY frien Jill (RIP), the RLS Rebel, had a daughter wth thyroid cancer so I got a good crash course in that, too. some people "believe that it is an RLS issue, but it is a thyroid issue not neurological. RLS is neurological. That we DO know.

  • As an addition the thyroid gland has a part to play in many functions of the body including the brain. So an under or overactive thyroid may have some connection to neurological problems.

  • Yes, true, a discussion with my neurologist brought this subject up

  • Most of us here are very jealous of people who can go to be and actually fall asleep and not feel their RLS any more. When RLS keeps you awake that is not going to let you go to sleep, in it's severe form. Thyroid meds do not hep RLS, plain and simple,. The web sites that suggest that are ether wishful thinking, or they just do not know th eup to date info on rLS. The thyroid thing has beenaround since aI ahve been in online supprt groups since 1997. With TRUE RLS~experts, they have debunked this theory a long time ago, FYI and thyroid meds have never been know to help RLS. They may not make it worse, but it is not the right kind of med to help RLS symptoms. wish I had Jill right now for this question. :) and Check them out! ;) knowledge is power as long as we get it fron the right sources. Just because it is on the internet, does not mean it is true., Too many fake "cures" out there, so be safe and stay on the reputable web sites, and never pay out money ever for info.

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