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Collecting RLS poetry or prose...for a book that has been in the making for over 5 yrs, probably more like ten!

If anyone is interested in contributing original poems about RLS, or sleep related issues, I am accepting more submissions. These will be posted on when I get that web site kickstarted again, and will be available in book form - profits going to to a cancer organization that my friend Jill (RLS Rebel) who just passed away loved, and those were her last wishes. The org. helps people newly diganosed with cancer, and the name is escaping me right now. I am drawing a blank, but will get it. DUH, I should know it!! ;) I am not soliciting donations, just asking for poems and :"bedtime" stories (what our nights are like) and all names will be published if you wish or can be anonymous. Some money will also go towards RLS research, but will not be sent to the RLS Foundation (USA) for several reasons. Thanks ahead of time for anyone who wants to help out a good cause. :) Plus, it is kind of fun! :) We do deserve fun. lol Limericks are good, too!. ;)

RLS is a beast not to be rivaled.

We have to always be on the offense.

If we forget about it and miss our meds,

then we have to call out the defense. (my football analogy!) LOL just messin' around. Try it it's fun. I will have to write a better one than that for this round of poems. Good night! :)

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hi i am a published poet,id like to submit do i send email is...... name is andy,my father died of cancer post christmas island bomb tests..n my auntie has had half her insides out due to cancer so id b glad to contribute,if you let me know ill buy,but can we get a mention as contributors?


I've never written a poem before, but I'm trying hard. I'm sure the reason there have been no comments is because every one is busy trying to think of a word to rhyme with syndrome!

By the way, I love your name, nightdancer. Very clever.

Now I must have another try at poetry. It is fun, what a good idea.

I hope to produce a masterpiece by midnight!


Daylight is for working,

shopping, cooking, cleaning.

Darkness is for sleeping,

making love and sleeping.

Morning is for waking,

refreshed to start again.

That's as it should be.

But some of us have RLS

and these things are not for us.

Days and nights are all the same,

one long dreary ache.

We long to sleep and sleep and sleep

but that just cannot be.

Until the day we die

We move and stretch, and hop and rub,

and walk and walk again

We weep, we scream, we sob and sob,

and walk and walk again.

Through the night we walk and walk,

our tears join with the rain.

That's not how it should be.


My verse was meant as a joke last night, but now this morning it's downright depressing.

Sorry everyone.


It's good it's how it is . It's good for anyone to let out how it really is for them . Well for us all . I can relate to that poem every night . It's not depressing to me it's my life don't knock it lol lol


Not any good at poems Nightdancer but I survived cancer but I lost my parents to it and my brother recently and many aunts. You could do something especifically for cancer and those affected by it as their stories and those of carers might be of more interest to those buying the book. You could do 2 books. One going for profits on RLS research and the other going on cancer research. I have a friend who is dying from cancer now but whether this is realted to their Lupus I don't know.


Hi Nightdancer

Not been on here for a while but please, I do hope you will use the poem i posted on here last year.



am going thru some old posts to collect the rest of the poems and prose. OF course every contributor will get credit!! ;)


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