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A good sleeping aid that wont make RLS worse or cause augmentation in the UK?

Having tired one dose of amitrypline at its lowest dose last night, as it aided me 6 weeks ago to sleep, I can admit it failed and if anything made things worse.

So my question is, does anybody know of a good sleeping aid that helps with RLS that wont interfere with it or make things worse?

Im just looking for some alternatives until my first meeting on July 17th.


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Sleeping aids very rarely help with RLS, they will just make you very sleepy.... As i have said before only the dopamine agonists cause augmentation, you will only get them from your doctor.


Sleeping tablets are not suitable as a long term solution for rls they are also very addictive.I have known members use them just as a very temporary measure when lack of sleep is brutal and only to be used very rarely.If you are desperate maybe your doc could prescribe you half a dozen so you can get some sleep.They do not stop restless legs and if they fail to knock you out but cause drowsiness its a bit like layimg on a bed of nails.If they kmock you out occasional use could be a life saver, I dont know of any hood or bad sleeping tablets, discuss with your doctor x


Some sufferers use clonozepan to get some sleep but used regularly it is addictive and stops working as well as it did x


Hi everyone

i went to see a sleep doctor who found out i stop breathing , after being sent to him for other reasons : here i go making a short story long as my husband would say lol i suffered RLS really badly until it was found i had SCA . He told me to take baclofen 10mg at night with my other meds melatonin 2mg m/r he said the baclofen it was natural . It has worked really well , i don't get 8 hrs but 4-5 hrs it is so nice to get a block sleep , instead of twitching on and off all night . I hope this helps , it would be worth asking about ! Maber x sorry not sure how to tag


Hi maber, can you tell me what SCA is?


I too would like to know what SCA is please


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