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Does anyone know if there has actually been success in pregnancy while using any of the meds for RLS ??

I read up on the net about story's of people having children while on the typs of RLS medication but is it all true as I read the information on the packets and it says do not take while pregnant then I read the out come and it is not good!

Time is moving on and even tho my husband believes one day there will be a safe drug to use , I think it will be to late and I will be to old:-(

Its unfair and upsetting !

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Any good website that i have looked at does not recommend using RLS meds. while pregnant.

Sorry you are in this situation Rish, it must be really upsetting.

You could e-mail DR.B on his website and ask for his advise dealing with RLS while pregnant and not able to take RLS meds.


Thank you I will do :-)


There are no meds that can be used in pregnancy that are approved for RLS. Dr. B will write back. My niece had it when she was pregnant, and it was awful for her, so I know it plain sucks.


Awww sorry that RLS is bothering you during

such a joyous time in your life. Can you possibly sleep

in the morning hours if RLS settles down then?

Karen ~ USA


Hi I am not pregnant , me and my husband want a family before I get to old but I can not get of the medication ! I have tried but I can't do it and our first baby died as I was on this medication and did not know the dangers it would have, so we keep looking for safe ways using medication but they all have bad effects on the in born child so it's a risk I will not take! We would love a family.


Hi, so sorry to hear you're struggling with this. When I was pregnant my rls got a lot worse. I can normally sleep if I'm on my tummy with my feet hooked round the end of the matress. Unfortunately when pregnant this is impossible, I remember sitting up in bed crying through the night because of the rls but I will tell you now that it is completely worth it.

Is there no medication you can take whilst pregnant? I'm assuming you've asked the gp? Are you completely sure it was this medication that caused you to lose your baby? there are many reasons for losing a baby and I'm wondering if it may have been something else. What have your gp's said about it all?



I stand to be corrected but I am pretty sure that I saw on another rls site that a couple of successful pregnancies were managed with methadone to treat severe rls symptoms. You could check this with an email to Dr Buchfuhrer.


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