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help i'm going mad!

Its been a few weeks since i last wrote i am now 38 weeks pregnant and massive!!! the rls has not improved and everynight i am downstairs fidgeting about until the early hours, and just when i thought it couldn't get much worse, i only had a few weeks left of being pregnant i go and dislocate my shoulder! so now i am in a sling for 4 weeks! its my right arm and i'm right handed, sleeping now is impossible, having to get up and down from the rls means heaving myself out of bed on one arm, sometimes i get completly stuck and can't move, its so ridiculous it should be funny. Looking after my two girls, dressing and washing myself is a nightmare combined with one arm and a great belly! I am so tired i havn't had more than 2 hours sleep a night for the last week, if i try and rest during the day my legs start off. I am crying all the time i just dont know how much more i can take xx

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Oh Maisie I wish I could take the RLS off you so you can get some rest it really is unfair :-( the only thing that may help is something to vibrate your legs I have recently bought a massage mat and it helps my legs it was £40 off amazon ! You may have to check with your doctor tho as these days you can not use much if your pregnant .

Hope you find some joy soon and rest it will be worth it to have your bundle of joy in the end x


When I broke my shoulder years back, I had a sling.. I ended up removing

the sling because it hurt my neck so much. I would hold my arm very

tight to my body. I was getting nagged on my surgeon to keep the sling

on. I didn't though. My shoulder is okay but in most cases doing what I

did is just asking for trouble.

So sorry to hear that this very unfortunate incident happened to you.

Soon you will have that baby and the suffering will just be a memory..

I hope. =)


It can only get better , that is what you must look forward to now.

I wish you all the best


So sorry you are having to go through this!

It will get better, in fact it is about to, very very soon.


Oh Maisie I want to cry for you, only us with RLS can appreciate what you're going through, we can only offer words of support and encouragement and hope it will all be over soon, the darkest hour is before the dawn and we really know about that. Please try to keep your pecker up and know that we are all here to support you and let us know when the happy event arrives.


Maisie, my heart goes out to you. I am so sorry you are suffering so much. I wish I could just come and look after you. I really hope you get through all this. Sending gentle ((( hugs ))) xx


I so wish we could help you in some way.....all we can do is offer support in abundance.

Stay strong, easy to say i know.....lets hope this baby comes a little early for you, you are so close now to having that little bundle in your arms, and then get the sleep you need. Get all the help you can after the birth, family, friends, if they offer, grap it.


Oh Maisse you really are going through it. Everyone has said it all really. You have to hang in there until it is over and the happy event arrives. I think we would all give a physical hand if we could. Hopefully the RLS will go when you have the baby. I broke my foot and that was bad enough in a cast. Us with RLS always dread breaking something, well I do with osteoporosis, but you are doing so very well with two little girls to look after too. Hang on in there lady!


I'm sure you've already considered this, but is there someone who can help you out? A neighbour, friend, family member or even a babysitter? Sounds like you need another pair of hands! Perhaps if you had some help, you could nap if you felt the need. (Would propped up on the settee be easier than lying down in bed so it's easier to get up?). I've had 2 children myself so know what you're going thro. Really feel for you. x


Really feel for you Hun. I,ve got 5 boys but thankfully my Rls didn,t start badly until about 10 years ago. When I was pregnant I would put my feet up on pillows and that sometimes helped. Have you asked your doctor about any meds you could take during pregnancy? With my last son I was in hospital for 2 weeks before he was born and they gave me sleeping tablets?? But that was 20 years ago!! Once he was born my rls became really mild again - so hopefully it will for you. Thinking of you and keep your chin up, not long to go now xx


YOu are at 38 weeks? They usually say the baby is ready at 39 wks give or take a few days. So, you are almost there. What a time to dfislocate your shoulder. How the heck did you do that? Let us know when you go in, if you have time. :) <3 Think of the beautiful baby you will have.


thank you all for your kind words, they really do help. Its another night and i managed an hour in bed before having to get up, having the bump limits the positions i can sleep in and now with the shoulder as well i am stuck to just lying on my left side, i am so tired i really don't know how i just don't pass out at night, praying baby will come very soon and that will bring some releif. thank you all again xxxx


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