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A bad xmas for RLS!!

Hello all, Merry xmas to everyone i really hope you have had a good xmas day xx My latest is i am still pregnant, with my due date tomorrow, the rls is pratically killing me with a maximum of 2-3 hours sleep a night, of course the schools have broken up so i have my two gorgeous girls at home all day who take so much entertaining! xmas day has been good the kids keep me going but i am so tired! Two weeks ago i had three nights where i slept all through from abour midnight til 7, i felt amazing but it made me realise how exhausted i have been for the last 6 months, this is def my last pregnancy i can not do this again, some days i just don't know how i function and i am so clumbsy lately i swear its becuase i am so tired. Oh and the dislocated shoulder is gettin better 3 weeks on, still can't lie on it in bed which makes moving about in bed with a huge belly even more difficult but i am starting to be able to use it again now. keep your fingers crossed for me that this baby comes asap xxxx

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Hello Maisie. I do feel for you. Pleased your shoulder is getting better. Glad you got through Christmas day but you have a bundle of joy that awaits you and it will all be worth it. I have always wanted children but it hasn't happened for me and I'm a bit old to have children now at 48 and I'm still single. It's very different for you so hang on to the fact that you will have a great baby. Am also a sufferer of severe RLS but I can't imagine what you are going through with that shoulder. There is a great chance that RLS won't be there when the baby is born. Do hang in there and let us know when the baby is born and how you are. I did a kind of humorous blog on sleep deprivation ( making a carrot cake, soup through the night) but there is nothing funny about it what so ever.


Hello Maisie,

Well done for hanging in there and suffering as you have, I'm sure this has been the longest time of your life but hopefully it will soon be over. Good luck for the birth and I hope the baby is content and likes to sleep to give you a well earned rest.

Hoping to hear that you are holding your new bundle soon.


Have been unable to sleep due to body aches.

Have been unable to sleep due to 3rd pregnancy

Have been unable to sleep due to RLS

Have NOT tried to do all 3 at the same time and my heart just goes out to you! My RLS didn't get really bad until later, and I can imagine it's very difficult to deal with all this and stay sane. On the plus side, we're going to celebrate our 3rd college graduation in May - hopefully that gives you hope that it's possible.

I wish you a speedy and uneventful delivery and perfect health for your baby. Best of luck to you ~


I really feel for you, but have nothing I can add to what the other posters have said except to wish you well with your new baby. Good luck, and keep us posted!


Hi Maisie, I too hope that bubba comes on time for you. You have done well all through this pregnancy with raging RLS. I dont blame you making this one your last, but i am sure your little family will be complete after the arrival of this little one.

I know we are all looking forward to you posting to tell us when you can, whether its a boy or girl, weight, and name....i love new babies, and need to know all the facts....LOL.

RLS, has no respect for Christmas or any time come to that. My Christmas day was RLS free, but last night wasnt, been up and down all night. And i KNOW, i didnt eat or drink anything to make it worse....probably just all the excitement of the lead up and the actual day.

I spent the day with my daughter, son in law and my 2 beautiful granddaughters, so a hectic day.

Will be waiting for your next post, telling us that bubba is HERE.


Hi Maise, glad your shoulder feels better. I've dislocated mine(not only the shoulder) soo many times that I had to have an operation but that is due to another syndrome that I have. I had babies (2x),most of nights was a nightmare and no one had a clue about was wrong with me. My youngest is 3, I was diagnosted this year with RLS and Erls-Danlos Syndrome, type 3, hypermobility. At least you have support and you have people that understand you. On my both pregnacies, was really quickly. They couldn't believe...:) wish the same for you. When your baby came, your "forget" all those bad nights...keep us posted. All the best...x


my fingers are crossed and hope all goes.

please keep us all up-to-date.


Let us know when the baby comes and how all goes -- good luck!


I'm so excited to hear good news from you. I hope that things get

going today and that by morning you will have your arms full.

I have 3 grown children.. loved my mommy years a ton. =) Now

I'm waiting to be a Grandma again one of these days. I'm 46 yrs

old and my arms are longing to hold another baby soon! =)


Wow, I thought maybe you had had the baby! :) I am sooo sorry about the RLS, and feel like I am helpless, but you are sure ready for this kid to come. I will be thinking about you, and and yes, tiredness and exhaustion from sleep deprivation can make you very clumsy, besides the fact that you are tippping over, and your shoulder was dislocated. Good Grief! You are such a strong person, and we can learn by example from you, as far as hanging in there and having tenacity against the RLS beast. Sending calming thoughts your way. Come on, baby, we are waiting, and Mom is waiting,. too! :)


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