Restless Legs Syndrome
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Article in British Medical Journal

Just been to see my GP today and fortunately he is quite helpful. He mentioned he saw an article on RLS in a recent issue of the BMJ which he has put aside to read. Found it on internet published May 2012. Maybe we can all point our GP's towards it. They dont seem keen on advice i give them form the society but might take more note from their own journal

Think this link should work

Simon, Halifax, Yorkshire, UK (surviving on 3mg roprinerol with augmentation but cant find anything else that works yet!!)

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Thanks for posting, i have read the article and the comments from medical people. I didnt like the stupid retired doctors comment, its a good job he is retired, i wouldnt want him to be my doctor.

Sorry you are getting augmentation, have you tried the Neupro Patch..?? Just wondering.

Your doctor sounds great, the fact he is going to read the article, i am sure he will learn alot about RLS, especially where someone goes into detail on the dopamine meds and augmentation..

Irene. UK.


Great article. If you go in a bit further there are other doctor's comments of this article and their own ideas and impressions of RLS. It seems to be being taken seriously at last by the orthodox medical profession, although even on that medical forum there was one doctor who more or less pooh-poohed the reality. His post got a lot of thumbs down by other doctors in the forum though!

Sue Norfolk UK


Well, could not read the whole artcile without paying for it, but I di the IDIOTIC comment by the 4th doctor on there. REALLY?!! "Legs are designed to move" That statement makes me want to scream every time, and I have heard people who DO believe RLS exists (in the US ) even say that. People in "authority" wth RLS have spewed that same statement. I hope the artcile is a good one and they do not gloss over RLS, as some medical journals do. But, a doctor is more likely to read a medical journal than anyting else.


Not suprised to see this article was by Dr Guy Leschziner .....he is my Neurologist.....and a lovely Man!!........( and pretty good looking too!!!)........One of the rare Consultants that actually listen to what you have to say!!!.....Some GPs need to take a leaf out of his book!!!!!


If anyone can access the full article is there any way of posting it somewhere so we can all read it????? I only read the intro bit myself


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