Restless Legs Syndrome
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I am searching for a RLS Medical Practitioner in Perth WA

I am needing a Practioner in Perth WA who has a good knowledge base of dealing with Restless Leg Syndrome/ sleep disorders. I have seen a Neurologist which didn't help & after 15 years with this disease it is now extremely debilitating and I have found no-one who is up on all the latest research (as I am). I am desperate to find a practioner who can help me get some quality of life back. Over the years I have done & tried everything. I had Augmentaion due to Dopamine drugs so now I'm going through the nightmare of withdrawing from Pramipexole, a Dopamine drug which I've been on for many years,

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Kaye I will ask around for you and get back to you if I have any success ,Pippins2 x


Dr brand at st john of god midland...hes my specialist... he actually specialises in the stomach...gastroenteromitist...but i was recommended to him by my gp and he has gone above and beyond to help me...i too hv a very extreme debilitating case and he has experience with extreme cases...good luck...


I thought i was the only perthy


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