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"Didn't we have a loverly time the day we went to...Brugge!"

I suffer from peridiodic limb movement disorder for which I take four 0.088mg pramipexole tabs each night. Also, I get RLS, particularly during the day and early evening if I stay still in one place for any great length of time. Thus, long car or public transport journeys have been a nightmare.

The wonderful Neupro patch seems a great boon to many RLS sufferers as it covers you for 24 hour periods which pramipexole etc. don't.

On Saturday the Tpebop family went on a coach trip to Brugge (Bruges in French), the so-called Venice of the North, in Belgium. I was faced with a agonising RLS nightmare. Based on previous adventures and advice from this site, I took two tabs about an hour before leaving and another a few hours later. So far fine, hardly any RLS but how long would it last? It lasted all the day. Early evening I took one more and then another a few hours later (it was a very long journey home). The result was minor kicking which disturbed my fitfull sleeping. Also, I didn't overdose i.e. 5 tabs is meant to be the max daily dose for RLS.

The point of all this? How do other RLSers, who use non-24 hour cover meds fare on long days in confined spaces?

PS The Tpebop family had a loverly time in Brugge: canal boating, waffle and chocolate eating and beer drinking...lots of lace too!

All the best, Tpebop, Kent, Britain.

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Hi tpebop last year I went to Rome and Florence I was on the same dose as your on mirapexin I found traveling was a nightmare , I also found I had to take more tablets going over the maximum dose I was aloud 6 tablets a day but I ended up taking another 2 ! My body was getting use to the mirapexin and was not working anymore so I asked for the 24 hr neupro patch and thankfully it works great. But I have yet to try traveling with this one :-)


I have RLS and am on Pramipexole daily. I recently travelled to Australia which involved 36 hours non-stop travelling by bus and plane. I took 1 x 0.18 mg Pramipexole just before starting out and then again 5-6 hours later. I'm pleased to say I had no problems, only slightly at the end. I also wore compression stockings and this helped too.


I'm so happy that it worked for you to split up your dosage. It didn't make

you sleepy?

I did take my split dose and fell asleep at the theater. I would rather that

happen than to be fighting a war with legs that can't sit still.

I will do the same for my plane ride from WI to CA. It's not terribly long

unless my legs want to party it up..then it's sheer misery.

Sounds like you had a ball in places that I only dream of going. Here

in America, we have some beautiful places as well but none as

lovely as where you live... I know, the grass is always greener...haha.

Karen USA Wisconsin



am taking ropinirole 2mg at night have been on this dose for about 18 months but am getting lots of rls during the day and especially in the evenings so theatre and cinema are out for me. Meetings at work can be hell or anywhere I an required to sit still. I'm also waking early 4-5am with rsl. I,m very reluctant to increase the dose but get the info from most people on this site that ropinirole is not considered to be a very good treatment. Does anyone have any advice about whether I should consider changing drugs, and if so what should I try. Is changing likely to make things worse for awhile?? Not sure I could cope if that's likely as things can be miserable at times as it is!!!



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