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RLS NO MORE a patch called neupro


its a drug for parkensons my 1st day i slept the night through, with help of usual 10 tylenol PM my angry new doc called to remind me not to use my crutch of pills to sleep the next night..

my 10 year rls neuropathy pains,i embarrsed to admit to the lengths id go through just to sleep for a night,

my house critters were starting to show sleep depravation?

so no more 10 800mg gabapentin a day nor 10 tylenol PM

with a white russian chaser 42oz 2nd month patch and 3rd day fantanal patch for pain,

they say sucide kids are more prone to follow, lets just say,i hurt to bad to save enough for an overdose..please dont fret bout me i fret enough for all you combined,sorry so late in posting,i lost this site till

ms secret garden letter came to my box,its a mississippi hillbilly thang but i left 4 patches stay on afraid it was a to good to be true,an my 5th woulden work..

i wish all of you the best an i am soooo sorry if you felt you were alone with this to tend to by yourself..

i am here 24/7 have this bookmarked if yall have any questions or wanna scream at me for being late to post this feel free

yall have a great day! Le'roy

dont make any sudden moves towards me or my goat herd will gitch ya! lol bye

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Hiya, we are familiar with the Neupro Patch here in the UK. Lots of us have either used it and its still working, or it stopped working. What mg patch are you on...?? For RLS its recommended that 3 mg is the highest dose. :)

here im reading,1000 mcg equals 1Mg

looking at my drug store it says 12mcg, u r in luck,my last patch reads 4mg/24hr oh my god please say i diden just give false hope to folks....i missed my appnt with that doctor yesterday,he is the one that ""PUSHED"" me into a pain clinic,do yall have those? our were handing out hundreds of oxieconton morphine pills for people who paid cash, now i am just sick i always screw things up.my only thought was my tollerence for pain killers is so high,that this would help most,i also read says our FDA just approved this drug in 2012

im begging you please post a correction on my post or somthing .so umm your experience was different ill never forgive myself for breaking someones heart or feelings over this..i was so excited to get the link back here again.so i could tell my story..please i dont even feel deserving of this working for me an not them..if i led you astray i am so sorry..i hope i answered you

.my drug store prescription info differes from the patch ive had on for days my patch says 4Mg

im making another appointment.im gonna do better im gonna call the folks who make this drug if i can an see..why an stuff.. thanksyou Le'roy


4mg patch is a little high, but i have seen where others have also used that dose. Do you know what augmentation means...?? In case you dont, it means certain medications for RLS stops working, and actually turns against the RLS, the symptoms start earlier in the day, feel worse and it doesnt work so well at night. That mostly happens with the dopamine agonists, thats Requip, Mirapex and the Neupro Patch. So, be aware if you are not familiar with augmentation, It can be months or years before it happens. The patch has been approved to use for RLS for probably 4-5 years now here in the UK. You all in the USA had to wait til the manufacturer reformulated it so you all didnt have to keep it in the fridge. Something we here still have to do. Yes, we do have pain clinics here. Hey, dont feel bad that its working for you, enjoy it while it does. As RLSers, we are always looking for another med that will work, its part and parcel, of having RLS, unfortunately.

ok wow big words,i have the usa phone number to neupro1-866-822-0068 looks like im not gonna get neupro anymore im told just the fentanyl ,makes me feel like the morphine tabs i took after surgery,i feel its an overkill,but my option is nothing.

hes made that comment with that smug look on his face...clear to me hes never had RLS or neuropathy.what my dad called an educated idiot. id love to wake him at 3 am,to sit in the dark alone or in the tub with me.

it never crossed my mind ude get used to it an it quit working till now my life has been try this....ok try this...that word formulated i hate.the pharmacy always lets you know in front of everyone your taking ""far far far to much.

""to much"" is my buddy down the road,car accident and morphine patches,he came by this morning on his 4 wheeler in his underwear..not a union suit either i oughta put him on youtube so least yall can have another hillbilly to laugh at..

im at a loss for words bout gettin imune to stuff never been on anything long enough i think.i leave yall with what ive heard for years

there is always somthing in the pipe.

leasti i hope yall have more guts than me to say no to the strong stuff.

im gonna to spend more time with jimmy till i get used to the way this makes me feel.an make sure hes not over doing his medicine or get shot for streaking in front of out mail truck..yall city slikkers wanna enjoy country life yall hit me up, me jimmy an our critters would welcome yall anytime! Le'roy


Ok, i am confused who has said you cant have the patch anymore and why. ??

Poundpup in reply to Hidden

my nuro ya know spind doc sent reffered me to our pain clinic here,he doesent wanna prescribe pills for what he says is chronic pain,, hes the man tellin me id be like this rest of my life,he sent me there they scripped the fental patch,my spine doc set another apoinment for the 14th 2 hours before i see the pain clinic doc,he said no more gabapintin,im ok with that,ill least have enough to save just in case like today i put 1 on,i also learned i know i should have read the dang box,they are 3 day patches..not 1 day thank the lord i have 3 refills left.jimmy wants to see if he can be refered to west palm beach an see a another doc .hes got a scrip for 12 hour morphine tablets..he swears his patch isent strong enough at times,he might act crazy but he doesent get high on them and i trust him.that dose patch hasent changed for him in a few years.till now he nver really talked much about his troubles .im impressed hes been here reading.im waiting hes gonna tell me why the nuro patch was not a good drug for him,seems he was taking it along with the morphine patch?? we have different doctors ..ok pretty lady im gonna fry some catfish an invite our round town friends have a great evening!

HI, I have not posted for a while, but I am from the Northeast,in the US, and USED to be married to a self professed "hillbilly". LOL I had a southern twang for years afterward but have lost it. :) Forgive me, since I have not posted for a few days, but could you give us a simple list of what meds you are taking as of now? IT is hard to tell what you have tried, have not tried, want to try, don't want to try, etc,. ;) I, myself, only get relief for my severe RLS from opiates and narcotics. And, I have tried EVERY med known to man and medicine for it. IF it were not for meds like morphine, I would have RLS 24/7 and would have no quality of life. I for example, am NOW taking 12 hr morphine, hydrocodone for breakthrough RLS and pain, Klonopin and Flurazepam for a sleep med. Those are my chronic pain meds and RLS meds all wrapped into one. Very sever RLS does call for severe measures, but I am over my agoraphobia and panic attacks since I have been getting more sleep. And, as an FYI---alcohol can make most RLS worse,. IT may feel relaxing at first, but it will kick your arse later literally. Pease check out Dr. Buchfuhrer's web site based in the US rlshelp.org and check pout the treatment page, He would object to none of the meds that you mentioned to us, and he is one of the forefront leading researchers and experts in this area. I manage several online groups based in the US, one has 1279 members. A facebook page will be going up by the end of the weekend for that group, as well and an RLS INsomnia Group. The first one is the largest and most active of any yahoo RLS groups, and is in the top 2% of ALL yahoo groups "en total"> ;) looking forward to getting to know you.


I love you dear nightdancer :)

I've been on the Neupro Patch for about seven months. The improvement in the relief of my severe RLS IS vast. I can't say that I don't have any bouts of RLS.BUT i CAN SAY THAT THEY ARE fewer .I now can go to see a film or go out for a meal without the awful discomfort of having to walk about for most of the meal or film .I started on 1MG AND HAD TO INCREASE TO THE MAXIMUM OF 3MG.I do combine the patch with Co-codamol 30 /50when things are bad but the symtoms are more manageable but not cured. All I need now is a cure for the frequent insomnia bouts from which I suffer.


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