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Clocks "going back" in the UK: does this have an effect on the treatment of our RLS and, if so, what do sufferers do about it?

In the UK last night we had to "put our clocks back an hour". If we are used to taking our meds at a certain time in the evening to gain relief all through the night, the change must have an effect, i.e. say pramipexole lasted 8 hours and it was taken an hour earlier or later than usual it would have an effect surely. Does anyone notice this and if so what ways do they do to compensate? [Sorry this is a bit vague but I have to confess not to understanding why we turn clocks back or forward and the maths involved...don't even go there!] All the best me hearties, Tpebop, Kent, Britain

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Well, as the clocks change at 2.00 Sunday morning, i took my meds at the same time and altho i had a fidgety night, i dont think it was anything to do with the clocks changing, as my last fews nights have been sporadic, good night, bad night...

Someone might say differently.


Yes, it is only an hour. very easy to deal with as far as meds, if your meds work. HI, Elisse! We are having lots of trick or treaters at Tim's house. I think I have to run back to the store. LOL Hopefully, I get to fly back home on Sat. Not sure yet, though. 3 yr olds are exhausting!!! :)


Any problems re putting clocks on or back can be got round by altering them first thing the next morning. I take all my meds and injection at the same time each night, be it BST or DST, so the time on the clock doesn't affect me.


Should'nt have any effect at all, if you took your meds at the normal time, you have a choice of when you change your clock, whichever way, you still get the same mount of sleep (hopefully!)

The only way it can affect "The Body Clock" is when the time is changed in Spring.


My legs start up if I am sitting down anytime after 6pm so I take

my walk just then (right after doing up the supper dishes) I get

home by 6:45pm and drink down a full glass of water with my meds.

We don't get much daylight over here during the winter..Seems like

the night-time is forever.. I really do think that it is dark 14 hours

everynight here. When the clocks go back, the nights seem even

longer. It's pitch black by 5pm until 7;30am.

I would imagine that I will keep up the same schedule with my meds.

My bedtime will become earlier as well in the winter months.

Funny how 8pm seems like the middle of the night to me. =DD.

In summer months, it's 10pm and still light outside here, the

sun is out by 5am. Sure do miss that, but not the heatwaves.

Karen ~USA (Wisconsin)


I personally LOVE the time change when we go back an hour. an extra hour of sleep. :) You just have to get used to the new time change. Gets dark earlier, so I always feel like going to bed earlier.

In the spring it wrecks me when we have to go back. We do it this Sat in the US. My favorite day of the year. :o) You just have to feel it out with your meds as there will be an adjustment period. Change your med times a few minutes a day, and you will be back on schedule. Happy Halloween.


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