Restless Legs Syndrome
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Do I have RLS?


I get what I call my wiggly legs. Although it happens to my arms sometimes and once happened to my face too!!

It is the hardest sensation to describe, it feels a bit like when you're about to get cramp, the feeling builds up until I either move said appendages or they twitch by themselves. My friends gimme some funny looks when it happens as it look like I'm having some kind of fit :O

I've been known to knee my bf in the privates whilst lying in bed (honestly it was an accident), it's just so annoying. It keeps me awake at night, hurts my back if the feeling is in my pelvis, means I can't relax or sit still. It happens more when I'm resting or tired and was a lot worse when I was pregnant.

I've never thought there could be something to stop it happening, I just thought I'd always had ants in my pants. If there is something that helps then I'd love to try it, it drives me to the point of tears sometimes. And I must say my cats don't really like being fired off my lap anymore :( poor kitties.

So do you lot think it's RLS? or am I just a weirdo with wiggly legs?

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Hi it is very hard to describe RLS because we all have different feelings or some are worse than others! It does sound like you have RLS I only get it in my legs and odd times in my arms! There are medications and if you read on this forum there is a lot of good advice :-)

Hope you get sorted :-)


It sounds like it to me! The best place to get a good knowledge of RLS is This ia a US based web site, but the treatment page covers everything. Also, look thru some of the questions here. We have tons, and you can gain a lot of knowledge just from reading our posts, too.

We will be happy to help in any way.


Time to see your Doc!!!!...But do visit the web sites that nightdancer recommends,.......I found them very informative.........and supportive.........I wish you good luck....


Don't worry about voicing your frustrations. I've written things on

here and then had a very long cry after because everyone here

hears and cares, tries to help me walk through a really bad time.

It's maddening when your body is so tired and your head can't even

think anymore but the legs keep wanting to move so much. It's like

the legs are rebelling that it's time to go to bed.

I looked through this post and the ones that Ellie and Nightdancer

have posted and I can't find WHY we are kickers..and sometimes

hurt someone that we love and care about right next to us.

There has to be another part to RLS...that causes us to kick

and jerk our arms in a dead sleep.

May I ask if you sleep really well in the morning hours? I am seeing

that with the majority of people that I started talking to in other

groups. That is a very curious thing for me.

Welcome to this group, I am assuming that you are new here...

You will fit in perfectly with the rest of us. =)



There is another part to the RLS that seems to be the 'kicking' side of it and i was ribbed unmercifully by my ex about it. I can't remember what it's called but found ref to it when i first researched RLS. Found most of my info on American sites including the fact that RLS is hereditary and it was only by printing off all the info and taking it into my GP that i finally got sent to a neurologist and got treatment after years of banging my head against a brick wall. Sorry i can't be more helpful if i find it again i will post it on here.


I have posted a blog referring to the Kicking while asleep which is called PLMD


Thank you so much for your replies, it is good to know I'm not just a weirdo lol! I never have it when I wake in the morning so I must admit I do enjoy just laying in bed for a bit. It's much worse in he evening and is relieved a bit by a really hot bath but then so is my chronic pelvic pain so I do end up laying in the bath for hour and I've been known to have 3 baths a day just to be comfortable! I will mention it next time I see the dr.



There is no medical test for RLS. It is basically based on patient description of some kind of feeling ( creepy crawly, pain, tingly, tension, burning, what ever). But leading to an absolute need to MOVE the affected limb. You simply cannot stay still. Some people have it all the time but most are usually ok during the day but it's starts in the evening can,t sleep but seems to be ok late morning. For m personally, I stay up late, usually go to sleep around 4am and i am sleeping great till 10 or even 11 am.

Sounds like you are pretty much classic RLS.


My magical hours of rest would be 4am to 11am...

I have a family..hubby who works days, 3 kids, 2 dogs...

I can't really sleep in but when I get to, I sleep so excellent

between those hours. I'm thinking of staying up every night

all night to cook, clean, do laundry and scrub floors...I'm up

anyway and should be productive rather than wrestling around

in the dark fighting legs that won't settle down. When the kids

go to school next week, I am going to see how that goes. =)


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