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Summer, Allergies, and RLS-how it affects us

I have noticed thru my 15 yrs of moderating online groups for RLS, that this is the very bisiest tie of the year, soon after spring starts up and the allergies come. I was thinking , and that can be dangerous, of why does RLS get so much more active in the summer and during allergy season?

More people are taking more allergy meds and antihistmines in the summer. They grab things off the shelf, knowing they are miserable with congestion, and need something to help them. The big problem is that most over the counter antihistamines contain one of two ingredients- diphenhydramine (commonly known as Benedryl and others) and pseudoephedrine. Both of these can literally dirve you up a wall, and make your RLS worse than you ever thought possible. There is the usual discalimer with this as with anything else I post. :o)

The other thing that bugs me when it is hot, is that I cannot use heat to calm my legs down with my heating pads. They are like my security blankets when it comes to RLS and my back pain. without them, I have a much worse shot at getting any good sleep at all. My allergies have thankfully "faded away" mostly. If I have a day when the pollen affects me, I take prescription Allegra (fexofenadine) and that does not bother my RLS at all. I also know from talking to many people that Claritin (Loratadine) is not bothersome to RLS, generally.

so, there is my theory about why every May thru Sept is the "busy season": for RLS. This is a pattern I have followed over the last 15 yrs, and it happens like closckwork every year, plus you throw in the time change in the spring, and all of that can mess with us. I don't relax until we go back an hour in the fall, literally. That one little hr throws me waaaay off.

hugs to all!


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