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Pramipexole and Nasal Decongestants.


Hi. I have an awful nasal cold/allegic condition causing obstruction of both nostrils with mucus (nice!). The only thing that helps is a nasal spray containing Xylometazoline hydrochloride. I also seem to have developed slight dizziness which is not unusual when I have colds. However I wonder if it could be an interaction between the nasal spray ingredient (no, I'm not going to type it out again!) and my pramipexole. The drug doesn't say it's an anti-histamine (not good for us) and instruction of both meds don't say avoid each other. Can anyone shed any light on this? All the best, Tpebop, Kent, Britain.

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Well, both meds list dizziness as a side effect, and the Xylometazoline has that listed as a common side effect. Could just be the nasal spray making you a bit dizzy.



I use both. My doctor okay'd it, however he doesn't like spray

decongestants period because they make congestion worse

when I quit using them. I asked specifically.

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