Restless Legs Syndrome
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So tired

I have had some bad days recently or should I say nights. I am sorry to moan when I know that lots of you have a worse time than me. Did have a better night last night as I took a different make of pramipexole (my pharmacy keep sending two different makes) and some co-codomol. Just so fed up with going to bed so tired and then having to get up and pace the room. Not sure whether to mix the two different sorts of pramipexole. Anyway have to go to work now so bye for now.

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Hi jiggleylegs, I did reply earlier on but being tired didn't press the submit buttom !! I had the generic pramipexole meds prescribed to me and my legs were off really bad, went back to my pharamis and asked her if she had given me the wrong wrong pills. I usually have "Mirapexin" and that was the difference. Once she gave that back to me they calmed down, So you need to find out which is better for you. The generic are supposed to be the same but I was told they are not. So it will be trial and error for you. Sometimes I just wish I had a gun mind you!



Sending you some hugs x x x


Thank you for your advice will speak with pharmacist about the different makes.


Have you tried Tremadol instead of the co-codamol. I have cut down my Ropierole to 1mg and take two Tremadol and am slleping for 4 hours now instead of 30 minutes. As we all say trail and error. big hugs


Been up all night, didn't even get a chance to go to bed.............still having issues and struggling to sit and write this. This generic issue is new to me, I use Mirapexin but both types have same 'make up' so why do they differ on taking or is it a mind thing?

Just thinking out loud folks

Bob M


know that one all to well Bob when it's bad (most the time now day and night) sitting to type bloody hard work at times trying to keep arms still and the weirdest pain or sensation ggrrrr ,

use to talk to mate on msn face to face but when it was bad i'd turn off didn't like anyone seeing me wiggle about so much would scare me let alone anyone else lol ,

hope you managed to get some sleep and same goes to anyone on here,

sal :)


?"Is it a mind thing?" How i empathise with BobM.

Every time the twitching starts i decide i can control it mentally. Every time, I find I can't and add to the physical discomfort by feeling I'm a weak and feeble loser.

Anyone else suffer this mental torment?

Upping my dose of Neurontin seems to have settled my symptoms at present. ( Seems to have! ) Thanks to you all for that advice. Unfortunately a UTI now--temporarily I hope-- disturbs my sleep. You can't win.


I am hoping Ms Ennis distracts me at the Olympics today!?


Hi BobM, no I don't think it's a mind thing as the pharmacist told me that the generic is slightly different. I didn't even know I was taking a gerenic pill but my legs certainly did. Ms Ennis was brilliant wasn't she this morning.



Interesting, the packs read the same however I bow to your pharmacist and Ms Ennis was top quality!!



Yes it's true the dose is the same but they have a different effectiveness. I have to time them differently or I am up all night. I also have a mind over legs conversation with myself and that never works either. Does anyone get a very sharp pain in the foot just before it starts. It doesn't happen every time and I also get the dull pain and electric shock type pain. Has anyone tried to identify the different types of pain which accompanies rls. I know everyone experiences pain differently but there does seem to be some similarities from person to person.


Yes I get pain in my foot before it starts too. I spend a lot of time rubbing my feet together to get some ease. Sometimes it just takes something brushing against my left foot to start the rls off...sound really odd I know ...


That's what I have been doing for years.

Not weird at all.

Thanks for Sharing..we can be oddballs together.

Sometimes I shake my feet together to try to lull myself

to sleep.

I have a 16 yr old daughter who does the same.


I used to but since starting Mirapexin (generic) it has settled down

the jolting shocks that are over and done with before I can speak.

My doctor added me on Paxil to combat that. I do not ever have that

(knock on wood) anymore. It took 6 weeks of Paxil it to stop.


Glad I picked up the forum today; it's a yes to trying the mind over matter aproach and a yes to failure. More interesting though is the sharp pain prior to the regular symptoms. I was only aware of this a few weeks ago and started keeping tabs on it. It's not always present, but is there on about 70% of occasions. Usually in the sole of the left foot, but occasionally in the palm of the left hand. I thought I was getting a bit paranoid about my symptoms, but thankfully I'm not alone.




I nearly always get a sign that my leg are about to start, it usually feels like a pin being stuck in me and can be anywhere on the body. Also wanterd to say to jigglylegs - never apologise for moaning, thats what we're all here for!



jiggly legs ...thats my description of it too


Hi all, I always get a sensation in my head and in whatever is going to start, be it leg or arm and then I try to pretend it's not happening and think of something else and boom it's started, and here we go!!! Then the pain starts......



i dont take any medication because none of its works , my doctor does not understand , and im so tired all the time , and still doing a31 hour work week , im 58 so not easy life , so u are not alone


When I am at my wits end, I stand on my tip toes. I walk on them.

I walk backwards. I stand at the kitchen sink and hold onto the

counter/ sink to do leg bends. Sometimes it helps. I rock up and

down toes to flat feet many times when I can't sit at my desk.

Hold onto something if you are not steady on your feet.

When I am so exhausted that I keep falling asleep, then jolting

awake with jerks and RL, then I stand next to my bed feet flat

and bend over as if to sleep in my bed..(no laughing guys) My

head rests comfortably on my pillow as I do the tip toe to flat feet

thing until I either fall asleep with my knees pushing into the

side of my bed mattress or I slide into my bed. It stretches my

legs, feet all in the right spots.

I have walked my feet up and down my walls as I lay on my bed.

I just turn myself around and start in..until I am so sick of it

that I sleep or have to move in another position. That often

doesn't work as well as the suggestion above.

Sometimes in the middle of the night I give my legs a very brisk

rubbing as I sit on the ledge of the bathtub..I exfoliate my legs

with a good scrub, shave my legs and then when finished, I take

that shower with a soothing scent. Having the smooth soft legs

makes a huge difference for me. Sometimes the smells of lotions

and soaps, body wash Can make it worse so I stay away from

flowery and lavender. I go with calming vanilla or earthy scents.

This works very well for me, at times.

I have used a bed sheet to stretch my legs. I lay on my back

I make a sling to cradle my foot, one at a time usually and

then I raise my leg with the help of the sheet to pull my

legs just a little further than comfortable. I have turned over

to my tummy and have done the same thing using my toes

to catch and hold the sheets if necessary. I move the sheet

up further and further to stretch just a bit more than I like to.

I have stood at the bottom of my stairs and placed my hands

2 steps up. (obviously looking to the top of the stairs) and

have kicked one leg back at a time to stretch. (kinda like

a ballerina) Then I do some knee bends but never to any

extreme. I hold myself in somewhat of a squat for a minute.

Then I finish it by doing the back kicks. It works but it also

wakes me up which is why I don't turn many lights on when

I do this.

These are just a few of the things that I do when I am

at my worst..of all, the tip toes work much much better for

me, especially when I lay my torso and head down to sleep

while I do that.


Well I was sleeping better for a few days by taking co-codamol before bed but that caused other problems and anyway seems to have stopped working. I got the sharp pain again last night but in my arm and then I was moving my legs about in the bed to get the cold part of the bed. That seems to help a bit. I know what you mean about things getting more difficult as you get older. I still work full-time but how alert I am sometimes is debatable. As my work involves a lot of driving it is a worry. From other posts I am beginning to realise how lucky I have been for my GP to prescribe meds for me without difficulty. I am dreading it when/if they stop working.

Need to be active today because I have noticed that if I don't do much on Saturdays (I do a very good impression of a couch potatoe!) my RLS is worse that night and find I am trying to watch TV from a very strange angle whilst leaning against the radiator flexing my legs.

Be encouraged and hopeful.


Yikes I have also done the lying on the bed whilst standing up mostly when I am too tired to walk about anymore. I also put my feet out of bed and put them on the cold radiator. I haven't tried walking on tiptoes. Nobody who doesn't have it really knows what its like.


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