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Quack Watch Web Site- it pays to speak up!!

Check out this web site, and how these people who sold fake cures for over 60 diseases, using fake testimonials, etc. Read this and remember it- all testimonials (

like on all sites like theirs) were proven false. That is why I always say, "If it sounds to good to be true, IT IS! If you start to see testimonials, click off the site, no matter which "cure" site you may stumble upon. We got on web site effectively taken down and prosecuted, so there are more to come. :o) These 2 people made millions of dollars off of fake cures.

Be careful out there, people. :o)


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Thanks Donna, i hope people will look and take note. Anyone can put Testimonials on a site, and make their product sound like the best thing since sliced bread. If only, otherwise we would all be cured and not have to rely on the medications that gives us some sort of life living with RLS.

Irene, UK.


The link doesnt work...? have you another way to look....!!

Irene, UK.

Reply Put into the search box the name "Vasallo" with consumer protection". You will find it. :o)

It is not new, just shows what can be done, and what the authorities say about fake testimonisals, etc, the court decision, etc. These 2 people were out of australia, but because they werev selliing things on the internet, it was the State of Washington's attorney General in the US that busted them. :o)


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