Listen to an excellent Webinar, hosted by the US RLS Foundation and the speaker is Dr. Buchfuhrer.

This webinar addresses augmentation issues at length, plus how to switch meds, etc, etc. It is really good and informative and will answer half the questions or more that come in here every day. And, you can listen to the question and answer period afterward. The web site for that is Click on "join webinar". Then enter your email to access it. IF you get an error msg like a LOT of people did about Windows media player does not have "correct CODEC packet installed", we found a very safe and free media player that works wonderfully. Elisse has accessed it, so it is available outside of the US. ;) The media player that we used is called VLC Media Player 2.1.3. I have scanned it and it is safe to use. Put that media player into your search box for the internet, it will pop right up, and make sure you go to the one that says "official site" for this player. After you have downloaded it, set it as your default player, and then the webinar will pop right up for you. There is a slide show, Dr. B talks for about 45 mins to an hour, so LOTS of correct and recent information on RLS. Everyone who has any questions really need to listen to this. It is beyond excellent and very helpful!! ;)

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  • This is excellent..!! I recommend EVERYONE listens to this video. Newbies and oldies of RLS, you will learn alot that maybe you didnt know about before. :) :) :)

  • Anytime I can tune in or certain time?

  • Anytime. it was a live webinar and now its just for those to listen to who couldnt make it that night, so its a recording. :)

  • Hmm, seems not to be compatible with iOS, only for Windows users, strange. I thougt that Mac was big "over there".

  • Yes, that is just a fix for Windows, and it took me 4 days to figure that out. No help except from my other group members. The foundation (US) will be of no help, on this matter, trust me. We tried and tried I know nothing about Apple computers and their operating systems. Maybe you can "google" and search for a fix on that. That I cannot help with. My brain is about to explode at this point anyway. At some point, when I have time, ha!, I will be typing up a report on the webinar. I have pages and pages of notes. ;) Do you have any friends with a MAC? maybe someone else on here uses a MAC. They are popular, but not as popular as Windows in the US. Sorry.

  • Has anyone on here managed to listen to the video yet.... ?? I am also including Admin, who should listen too. :)

  • Ah, i just tried the webpage and its not working. I will see if i can find a way. :) Yes, some new stuff on med dosage and lots of other important stuff that some may not know about. Oh, good for the testing. :)

  • Swedish, have you family or friends that have windows....?? So you can listen to the video on theirs... ?

  • I can't get it going either.


    Ok, this works. Put your email address in and then it takes you to the click to watch the video. If you cant access it by windows media player, than follow nightdancer's instructions for downloading that other media player. Hope that helps now. lol.

  • Thanks Nightdancer for this. =)

  • Did you listen to it yet?

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