Restless Legs Syndrome

what works/what causes


I am on ropinirole which helps me sleep, but does not cure the rls in the evenings.

I have tried to compile a list of things I know and what helps so far!!

What causes:


Thinking about RLS in the evening seems to bring it on!

Iron levels - mine are always a bit dodgy anyway, but rls is much worse when I an due on or menstruating.

I have noticed that if I get stung by nettles during the day my rls is much worse in the evening. I have googled contents of nettles which are - acetylcholine (a transmitter in the central nervous system); histamine; serotonin (helps you feel well/happy); moroidon - the stinging sensation; leukotrienes - trigger contractions (usually in the trachea - related to asthma); and 'possibly' formic acid (corrosive to the skin and optic nerve in high doses)

...are there any scientist out there who can help?

What helps:

Lying on tummy!

Being cold

And according to wikipedia, having an orgasm!

Be interested to know your thoughts?!

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Well, there is no medication that is going to work like magic, or cure the RLS. All we can do is what you are doing. Keep track of what seems to bother you and not bother you. Journals are a wondeful thing. There are other meds to try if Requip is not doing it for you. I know nothing about nettles or any connection to RLS. Too much exercise can set RLS off too close to be time. is a great web site to read and get info off of, like "Drugs and Foods to Avoid". Even over the counter meds can affect RLS, like the ingredient in Benedryl, Diphenhydramine. It is is also in many over the counter "PM" meds, too. Allergy meds can set it off, also if they have Diphenhydramine or Pseudoephedrine. I highly suggest that web site, and the Treatment page.

I find lying on my tummy and arching my back as much as I can does help.


Lying an my front works for me too. And here's another thing - my bus journey home in the evenings is an hour and a half and if I start tensing and un-tensing the muscles in my legs and keep that up all the way home, it keeps RLS away, but only if I start before RLS sets in. If RLS starts first, I can't stop it, no matter how much I tense my muscles (explain that!). Pramipexole also works for me: 2 x 0.088mg in the evening lets me sleep at night and if I really need an RLS free evening, to go to the cinema or something, I take one late afternoon as well.

What brings it on - over-tiredness; lack of excercise; dehydration.


Thanks for this, tried it on a car journey yesterday and it seemed to hold it off!!

Maybe I'll be able to go out for a meal at friends without having to lie on the floor of an evening after we've eaten!!


Drugs that increase dopamine have been shown to reduce symptoms of RLS when taken at bedtime. An orgasm provides one of the biggest natural blasts of dopamine available to us. This temporary increase in dopamine may act in a similar way to drugs that mimic it, therefore if one falls asleep very soon after, a good nights sleep may be obtained, or at least a few hours.

Kaarina :)


These days I suffer RLS mainly around the time of my period, but I've always put that down to PMT as my RLS is definitely stress-related. When my legs are really bad I just have to lie in bed with them stretched apart as much as I can, and I have been known to thump the tops of my thighs too, as the pain brings some temporary relief. Orgasm definitely helps too, in fact it's the best relief I've found.


Hitting my leg helps but when I have it in my arms not much helps. Ropinirole made mine worse - so much worse! I take iron and magnesium which might help inc an extra iron tablet when i am menstruating and I am swimming in the mornings two or three times a week which helps. I do the tensing thing too which helps. Tiredness and dehydration also makes mine worse. I take one pramipexole and half clonazepam which works and gives me a good nights sleep. So far no augmentation or crazy eating and I'm starting to lose the weight I gained on ropinirole. In November after a holiday and long haul flight I am going to come off the meds completely, so that I can try for a second baby. At that point I may try an elimination diet to help as it is going to be awful


Ripinole does not stop my rls at night but if I go to bed without it and fall asleep, my buddy rls will wake me up so I seem to can't do without it. I take pain management material and would like to get off ripinole for good.

If I had to ride a train or car to commute like some of you, I'd have to quit. For those who can not,stay hydrated, stand as much as possible, keep a pill or two close by and when you get home, have an orgasm!


Ever try support or even compression stockings?

Nothing to lose, give it a shot!

If you are male, do it anyway


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