All in the mind?

Here's a weird thing. Often, if I'm lucky, I'll be in bed, legs not kicking thinking "ooh my legs aren't kicking." Guess what? That's right, then they start! Has anyone else experienced this and if so how can it be stopped, i.e. does thinking hard about something else help? It really is difficult to ignore RLS when you have it. How does thought overcome the action of the meds? Ideas anyone?

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  • When I go to bed and all is quiet, I keep it quiet by listening to a special CD of music I made, and meditating. Whatever you can do to avoid even getting to the point when the RLS starts will be a help. Staying calm and peaceful. This only works if my RLS is quiet, but I can stay quiet longer. also, progressive muscle relaxation helps a lot. I am also on meds, so don't let me fool you. We can do the same routine day after day, and have a different kind of night every night. There seems to be no reason for the "noisy" nights as compared to the "quiet" ones when it comes to RLS. I can find no pattern after 15 yrs of journals and talking to people and research. It is extremely hard to ignore RLS once it starts, because it is something that "winds up" and progressesively kicks our butts on the bad nights. But, no, I have not just thought of RLS and it started, although some people have said so. :o)

  • Not thinking about it helps but RLS will remind you.

    Even after a toss in the bed w/ my wife (medical study) and I fall asleep without much or any thought and with muscles relaxed, I can be awaken w/ an RLS attack.

    RLS is definitely in my mind. It has taken over my life.

  • I've suffered from RLS my entire life of 50 years, but only realised it was RLS a few years ago. Yep, it definitely can kick in if you start to think about it. The only way out of that is to take your mind off it, which as I'm sure you know is much easier said than done. It's definitely stress related, but sometimes that stress can be subconscious, as it's not just the obvious causes of stress that trigger it. You can be totally unaware of any kind of pattern until you think about it over a long period. It really is "all in the mind" as has already been mentioned, in the sense that you have no conscious control over it.

  • I read your comment with interest and realised that this sometimes happens to me as well. Sometimes I can overcome a RLS session by mind over matter and I refuse to allow my legs to move and twitch and then I fall asleep, admittidly this does not work very often unfortunately but it is a good feeling when it does!

  • Absolutely agree - I often suffer on car journeys, and once I start thinking about it i don't stand a chance!

  • thats me...thats me!!! I feel soooooo relieved that there are others out there the same!!!!!!!!!!I

  • Usually fine till my wife mentions the kicking, them it gets worse and I can't control it.

  • That is so funny, I find that when my husband asks if I have it, I become very aware of my legs and can feel the sensation start even when I'm standing!

    Think he is fed up with it, most nights when I take my tablets, Pramipexole, I fall asleep, so he has no company and a corpse on the sofa! I could end up becoming a lonely old lady always walking, eek, what does the future hold.

    Sorry ranting a bit, miserable today, I have a first aid course and worried I will be the only one standing looking like a weirdo.....

  • Yes, a couple of evenings recently, sitting watching the TV I have suddenly thought my legs feel really comfortable and then WHAM ....the RLS kicks in and I have to get up and usually go in the kitchen to wash up or do some ironing.

  • yes, sometimes I'm ok and I begin to think about it and seems to bring it on.

    wondering if TM (Transendental Meditation) would work.. need to be trained into getting your mind into a relaxed state.

  • same thing happens to me & I have to take a 2nd dose of gabapentin & walk around for awhile. FYI I take 300 mg. of gabapentin at 10:0-0 pm to start.

  • Yes. I have told the neurologist that I feel that I sometimes bring it on myself

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