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Back on Oxycodone

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I had been taking Temgesic 700 mcg daily for a few months after buprenorphine patches. At this level I still had breakthrough RL and also a very dry mouth, hoarseness and some difficulty swallowing dry food. Prof. Walker had suggested that I go back on oxycodone which I had taken for two years - changing to buprenorphine patches in June 2020. I had suffered severe depression and anxiety whilst on buprenorphine and always felt it was to blame. I have now made a complete changeover to Longtec and now take 20 mg. in the day (10 mg at bedtime and the other two 5 mg doses through the day). Incidentally my anxiety and depression have lifted a lot with the change.

I am still suffering very dry mouth as other medications I have to take also cause this tendency.

I attended an ENT specialist who passed a tube into my nose and throat as far as my vocal cords and everything was OK. He thought my problem was due to GERD and suggested famotidine.

My GP sent a prescription for famotidine which I have not started yet (the side effects which others suffer seem horrendous). Then to-day out of the blue my GP sent Lanzoprazole - a PPI - with instructions to take one daily first thing in the morning. I was not told to exchange this for the famotidine so I assume this is an error on the part of the GP practice.

My question here is how do others get on with Lanzoprazole in connection with their restless legs. Is there a PPI which is better for restless legs? I do not want to take any more tablets but because of the difficulty swallowing I shall probably have to start something. I am treating the dry mouth with all the usual aids which of course only work very short term.

I would be glad if advice regarding the above medicines in their relationship to worsening RLS.

With thanks

7 Replies
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Famotidine makes RLS worse for most people. Lansoprazole will interfere with the absorption of iron, but for most people will be OK for RLS. All of the PPI's will be the same for RLS.

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Jelbea in reply to SueJohnson

thank you Sue - I thought I remembered that some people could take

Lanzoprazole without worsening of RLS.

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It seems that the ENT specialist is 'guessing' that your dry mouth and hoarseness is caused by GERD. He couldn't find any issues.As you know, both famotidine and lansoprazole can worsen RLS for many people.

And they may not reduce the dry mouth and voice hoarseness.

I suppose you could try it for a week to see if it improves the hoarseness and also if it triggers RLS.

If the ENT specialist suspects acid or stomach issues, an easier solution may be to try Symprove probiotics as that can really help acid stomach and reflux and it definitely will not worsen RLS.

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Jelbea in reply to Joolsg

Hi Joolsg - I think it was a guess and I do not know if it was right. I had a hiatal hernia diagnosed over 50 years ago and have had some heartburn issues over the years, but nothing that an antacid did not take care of. I might try your suggestion of Symprove as I do not want to start any more tablets. I have an app with my GP next Wednesday so I shall discuss this with her. The swallowing difficulty is annoying. It is not too bad especially if I drink at the same time or the food is moist. Another explanation could be that the opioid is causing slowing of the swallowing process as it also slows the rest of the gastrointestinal tract.

Thanks for your response as always.

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Joolsg in reply to Jelbea

Yes that is a side effect of opioids. It's so upsetting that the only drugs left to us cause other side effects.I noticed I was getting terrible heartburn with Buprenorphine so I started Symprove 4 months ago. Touch wood, I haven't had heartburn since.

It's expensive - the only drawback.

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Jelbea in reply to Joolsg

Dear Joolsg - I have answered your post twice. The first reply did not show up for some time so I replied again.😊😊

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Hi, I don’t have a response for that but I would like to assure you that I have the very same issues with Buprenorphine. I became so deeply tired and depressed just before Christmas, I had to ask for an emergency change over to something else. Unfortunately it’s not working well but I’ve managed to get down to 200 mcg which at least helps me get through until I see my doctor. I also suffered from acid reflux. I’m guessing this might even go away by itself once you’re off Bup.

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