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I hope I read it wrong but did I see that the rls forum is to be disbanded??

I sincerely hope I’m wrong because it has been a life saver for me and I suspect many others

When I’ve been faced with no hope from the medical profession the kind people on this forum have rescued me!

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Where did you see that this forum is to be disbanded?

It's ok --- I've had the order rescinded.


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Hoochybaby in reply to Madlegs1

Good news😀

It came up before, a few months ago. It must be a hoax.

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I do not know where you read/heard that this forum is being disbanded. It is false information.

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LanaCSR in reply to Kaarina

Oh, thank goodness! I absolutely love this forum!!

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Nikon- in reply to Kaarina

Probably came from Donald Trump 😊

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Elffindoe in reply to Nikon-


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Park4me in reply to Nikon-

You are an idiot!

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Hoochybaby in reply to Park4me

Thanks for your kind words!

I thought it was just the Positive Wellbeing that was being archived. x

I wonder if Hoochybaby is referring to the APP, (that no one knew about)?

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LotteM in reply to Spurdog1

I almost always use the app on my phone. Still there and working well.

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Spurdog1 in reply to LotteM

Smiling, I think they were going to withdraw it "in a few months time",....... around "now".

This isn’t a political forum.

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Hoochybaby in reply to Park4me

What on earth are you talking about!

I think most of took it as a joke and had a chuckle 😀

I’m so sorry! I meant that for Nikon

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