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Sleeping foot and muscle cramps


Do a sleeping foot and many muscle cramps also belong to RLS? I have the sleeping foot also when walking.

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If by sleeping foot you mean you lose sensation from the foot and/or it becomes difficult to move it and/or when you walk your foot drops or drags tben this is a sign of neuropathy.

Cramps isn't usually a symptom of RLS. It just depends where you get the cramps, i.e, do you get them in the same place as you get RLS symptoms.

The other things that might give a clue to what this is

Do the cramps, sleeping foot and RLS symptoms occur at the same time or at diffrent times

Does the sleeping foot come and go or all the time?

Have you noticed anything that starts the foot sleeeping or anything that relieves it?

silvia10 in reply to Manerva

it the sleeping sensation you get like when you sit on your foot, so the bloodflow might be constricted. Not dragging or dropping thankfully. it comes and goes. Stretching relieves it.

Manerva in reply to silvia10

This could still be a sensory neuropathy.

With a sensory neuropathy you wouldn't get muscle weakness (foot drop), but you might also get pins and needles, burning and/or parathaesia, i.e. you feel like you've got a sock on, even when you haven't.

A neuropathy can be caused by a circulatory problem : because if peripheral nerves are starved of oxygen, they start to dysfunction.

In addition ciculatory issues could explain the cramps.

In any event, it doesn't sound like RLS.

Muscle cramps are SOMEHOW related to my RLS and insomnia. It is perhaps some absorption issue affecting magnesium, potassium and iron. The iron issue was the chief cause of my severe RLS and I overcame that with supplements. Still dealing with insomnia and muscle cramps at night in spite of many supplements of mg, potassium and electrolytes. The detective work continues.

Interesting to read your post I have had RLS for many years but more recently it seems to have settled into my feet (can be either one or both). I get the normal urges to move but in my feet but also they seem to cramp as well, the muscles under my arch go hard and tight this prevents me from sleeping and wakes me during the night so usual walking around, but standing on a cold floor does seem to help.

Very odd condition affects people in many varies ways

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