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Does anyone experience/experienced on Neupro. I use a 2mg patch daily and it has worked amazingly. Last year I had a brain tumour removed followed by 30 sessions of radiation. I am having a follow up MRI shortly but the headaches seem to have worsened over the weeks and I am wondering if it could have something to do with the Neupro ?

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Hi I was trying to come off from premipoxle and had Gabapentin for one day it. Didn’t work so back on premipoxle after 4 or 5 days I finally had a good sleep last night so I am stuck with premipoxle for rest of my life

Lapsedrunner in reply to Ranjits

You’re not stuck with pramipexole , and looking back briefly through some of your posts I can see that you have been given some good advice.

Gabapentin, unlike pramipexole, won’t work straight away. Most people find it takes 3 or 4 weeks. It’s therefore a good idea to start it as you start to slowly reduce your pramipexole.

I mentioned iron supplements daily, they actually work best every other day when taken alongside a source of vit C.

Manerva in reply to Ranjits

You have to take gabapentin at least 3 weeks before it will work.

You also have to build up the dose. The starting dose is 300mg, you need at least 900mg for it to work. You can build it uo by 100mg a day or 300mg every 3 days.

In addition if you're still taking pramipexole and have augmentation, then the gabapentin's not going to work that well anyway.

I suggest you take the gabapentin and keep taking it until you've stopped the pramipexoleagain for at least twp weeks, not just one night.

Ranjits in reply to Manerva

So which one work’s better for you Gabapentin or premipoxle

Ranjits in reply to Ranjits

Or shall I take premipoxle i additional to Gabapentin

Manerva in reply to Ranjits

I'm confused.

I think you may be misunderstanding what I write.

You said you took gapapentin on one night and it didn't work.

I said if you only take it one night, then it won't work you have to take it every night for at least 3 weeks before it will work.

You also said you went "back" to pramipexole. It sounds then as if on the night you took the gabapentin, you didn't take the pramipexole. You must NOT stop taking pramipexole suddenly like that. It's no wonder the gabapentin didn't work. It's also dangerous.

What dose of pramipexole are you taking and how long have you been taking it?

Is it working?

Ranjits in reply to Manerva

2tablets 0.88 every night of premipoxle

Manerva in reply to Ranjits

To avoid diverting banjololapoppy's post, I have sent you a private message.

Sorry, I realise your post has been “hijacked”! I haven’t heard of Neupro causing headaches (I haven’t used it but didn’t get them with another dopamine agonist. I’m not sure how long you’ve been on them, side effects are sometimes more common in the early days of a new treatment.

You obviously need to talk to the dr doing your tumour follow up about these sort of symptoms .

All the best

I'm also sorry your post got hijacked!

I'd say if your headaches are worrying you, then consult your doctor, neurologist or oncologist.. The headaches are possibly more related to your tumour and it's treatment than the neupro.

If you used neupro before your treatment and it didn't give you headaches then, then I can't see why it should now.

Thank you Manerva, I am having an MRI today, I wasn't taking Neupro before the tumour so I was just throwing it out there to see if there could be any other reasons for the daily headaches.

I see. - I hope the MRI shows you're OK.

I'm up for a kidney scan on Monday "possible" growth!

Waiting for scans then waiting for results is not pleasant.

I agree, hope all goes well for you.

i have 3mg patches and sometimes i get headaches but also take gabepentine 200mg 3 times aday 30mg codiene phosphate i have suffered from RLS since 1975 and could write a book on the medication you name it ive had it they all work in there own way till ya body build a tollerence for the meds and they stop working then they try something else

Neuro patch worked for my RLS but I kept passing out so stopped after cracking my head. Finally had augmentation with DA’s so use opioid and Gabapentin. Had headaches with a DA but can’t remember which.

Thanks John, after having an MRI today it is most likely related to the scar tissue from my brain tumour removal. Off to the neurologist again to see what he can do.

Good luck.

Probably worsens headache.

It still has similar or same ingredients as ropinorole

My husband had awful skin irritation with it too

Yes well I will ask the Neurologist about it when I see him. Many thanks.

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