Review of Neupro Patch 1mg/24hrs

I have started the Neupro patch for RLS. I have Fibro, Migraines and RLS. So something is almost always bothering me. The Neupro was prescribed because my stomach has been so upset by other medications ( Gabapentin and Ropinirole). I would puke almost every day from those meds in the morning. I was hoping because I didn't have to ingest the Neupro it would work. I have went from 6/8 hours of sleep waking up numerous times, to 3 HOURS OF SLEEP awake for hours. This medication has made me almost an insomniac. And guess what....the less I sleep the more my waking hours have pain because of my fibo or I will get a migraine. I wish I could say it worked for me, but it didn't. My sleep doctor suggested going up in a dose....I am not sure how that would help while the pharmacist suggested stopping it.

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  • Sorry the Neupro patch has not been a success story for you as it's been a miracle worker for me. Out of interest apart from the insomnia, did you find it worked as in did it stop /help your RLS? .What are you going to try next? ..Pipps x

  • Thank you. How has it helped? I'm not getting any other side effects. I'm not sure what my next move is. I don't have any other options? My biggest concern is my sleep and once I started the neupro I seemed to get a lot worse sleep. Any thoughts? Slow release melatonin? I can't catch a break.

  • Did the Neupro patch help your RLS symptoms? It works very well for me mostof the time .Melatonin may not be a good idea as it can worsen RLS. ,x

  • No the neupro patch didn't do much of anything for me other than not being able to sleep. Why do you say melatonin makes RLS work? Do you know if it doesn't help with fibromyalgia?

  • 1 mg is a very low does, would it be worth trying 2 or 3 mg? Have you tried Pramiprexole? I am going to try this - it's next on my list! Good luck x

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