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I am suffering with DPN and my GP has tried Gabba Pentin 1200 mg but made me feel like a zombie now trying Amitriptyline anybody tried this

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Hello Southportfeet.

I'm not sure what DPN is, can you give the full name please?

I can say that Gabapentin is used for various things including pain, usually nerve pain and it is used for RLS.

It can make some people feel drowsy at first, but this side effect can wear off after a few weeks. 1200mg is not a low dose.

Amitriptyline is also used for pain in a similar manner.

However, if you also have RLS, then amitriptyline is known to make it worse.

I hope this helps.

Hi Manerva sorry it’s Diabetic Perithipal Neurothapy

OK, thanks,

Amitriptyline can help with neuropathic pain.

However, as I wrote, if you have RLS as well, possibly as result of the neuropathy it may make your RLS worse.

A shame about the gabapentin, how long did you try it for and what dose did you start on?

The usual starting dose is 300mg and then titrate it up by 100mg a day.

Hi tried it for 3 months gradually building up to 1200 mg per night

Have just started Amitriptyline at 10 mg per night to start might be in my mind but pain seems less ?

OK it seems that unfortunately, gabapentin might not suit you.

You'll have to give the amitriptyline a few weeks before you can really be sure it's working.

Do you have RLS?

If you have RLS, then it doesn't necessarily make it worse for everyone.

On the other hand, if you don't yet have it, then it may trigger it.

If you don't have RLS, are you aware of what symptoms to look for?

I do have RLS slightly at night hoping it does not get any worse

I hope not too.

Good luck


I've used both Gabapentin and Amitriptyline/Nortriptyline for severe RLS and found that neither worked for me after nearly a year of trying on the former and a few years on the latter. One day my PCP added Clonopin to the Nortriptyline Rx and then I got some slight benefit So we stopped the Nortriptyline and my symptoms got worse once again. My RLS takes a cocktail of meds to realize any benefit. But the absolute best benefit I've had is from narcotic pain med which completely eliminates the disability and severe pain of RLS. But getting it for long term has proved impossible. Steroids also offer the benefit of decreasing RLS symptoms.

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Best prescription medication I’ve had for RLS is Sifrol, it’s like a wonder drug for me, but it doesn’t work for everyone. I’ve suffered with really bad RLS since I was 9 yrs old and had everything known to man with very little success, good luck!

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Sifrol is pramipexole and I also have tried that but it didn't work for me. Glad to learn it works for you. One thing I've found out about this disease or syndrome is that it seems to have a mind of its own. Eventually RLS figures out what your doing to stop the symptoms and finds a way to overcome and get you once again. Have a contingency plan or two.

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