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Tramadol Works

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I’ve been taking Tramadol for three years now and it works. You probably can’t get it from your regular GP but will need to go to a pain doctor. 300 mg works for me. I know it doesn’t help everyone but if nothing works you owe it to yourself to try it.

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Just for information... GPs can & do prescribe Tramadol for various reasons. It can also be listed as a ‘repeat prescription ‘ if necessary.

I take Tramadol prescribed by my GP and mine is on repeat prescription. I am in the UK, maybe with the opiate "crisis " in the USA it could be harder to get a doctor to prescribe it over there.

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Legsbohn in reply to Elisse2

In the US opiates are a big problem so regular GPS are afraid to prescribe Tramadol. If RLS isn’t chronic then I don’t know what is.

That's great news.

You can get opiates for pain in the UK, but my GP surgery won't prescribe for RLS. A neurologist 'might' if you can get to see one. To get to see a pain doctor you'd have chronic pain.

Luckily,as other stuff's working, I don't need opiates.

It seems very variable.

Interesting how we all react differently to medication. I started with 25 mg tramadol and could not stand up. Went down to 1/4 of that and still dizzy and zombie all day until i stopped. Sure worth a try and glad it works for you.

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Legsbohn in reply to Bajatom

All medication can affect each of us differently but I think the biggest thing is the reaction each of us have with other meds we are taking at the same time. It’s all a crap shoot at times but the sad part is that most physicians are of little help in this battle we are in.

I take Tramadol and mostly it helps with my RLS. I cannot get my Tramadol on repeat though, I am in England, it's just so annoying going to the GP every single month with a slip of paper and then going back 48 hrs later to collect the prescription and then having to take it to the chemist and then wait for them, I wish they would put it on repeat so I can just press the button on the internet amd get it sent straight to the chemist and wait for the phone call to say it's ready.

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Elisse2 in reply to CORFUORBUST

It seems to depend on where you live in the UK on whether doctors are willing to prescribe Tramadol and put it on repeat. I have my meds delivered to my door from my Chemist and i HAVE to sign for them, because they are a controlled drug. I phone my Chemist and tell them which meds i need and they take care of the rest, i just wait for them to come to my door.

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CORFUORBUST in reply to Elisse2

Yes I have to sign too, I am going to try again to get them on repeat seen as you are in UK and get them, it's worth a try. Thanks.

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funnyfennel in reply to Elisse2

Me too , and one is an opiate.

I live in Florida and my GP won’t give them to me. I have to go to a pain doctor and even then I can only get a 30 day supply but I get two refills. I have to see him every three months.

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Elisse2 in reply to Legsbohn

You are doing better than some over there, many are being denied their pain meds.

Yes our laws are very silly. Half the people in our jails are there because they possessed marijuana while the people who provide it are free to make millions. Tramadol is way less lethal than marijuana but there now making it easy to buy but making Tramadol harder to get. Makes no sense.

"Tramadol is way less lethal than marijuana..." ??? I'm afraid you're going to have to give me a citation for that. There is no known lethal dose for cannabis. Reefer Madness, anyone?

I remember tramadol made me itch......

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mistymim in reply to funnyfennel

It makes me itch too funnyfennel, but I persevere with it because it helps my RLS and arthritis pain.

I live in Victoria (Australia, not Canada) and have been cursed with RLS since pre-school days. I am now closer to eighty than seventy. Like gout, RLS is treated as a joke, until the jokester cops it. (Aside...ever had RLS AND gout together? Such fun). All remedies tried failed with the effluxion of time, although some had nice alleviation properties, until they eventually failed. I am now taking 300mg Tramadol with 50mg Pregabalin prior to hitting the cot. It Bloody Works! Our Nanny government will not allow Tramadol to be prescribed for RLS, but will graciously permit same to be prescribed for pain remediation, which requires the assistance of an understanding physician. My GP prescribes 20 modified release 150 mg tabs with 4 repeats, but requires Departmental approval for each script.

I also get gout and have found a product called Purge works very good a limiting the pain. I’ve found over the years that if I stop drinking beer I have very few problems with the gout. You can get Purge from Amazon.

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