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Weaning off Pramipexole


Tomorrow night will be #14 and last pramipexole for me since i started weaning off last October. For me it's been one challenge after another. Not knowing what to expect each night. Some nights have been nothing short of torture.

Currently I'm on 300 mg of Lyrica once a night with a backup of Oxycodone 5 mg. As needed. I guess my question is where do I go from here? I know it will still take another two weeks to get all of it out of my system.

If the Lyrica and the Oxycodone no longer work, and the nights are getting more frequent when they don't, what do I do? I'm sure others of you have been in this situation, can you tell me how you handled it? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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Well done for getting off the Pramipexol-

Oxycodone should give you six hrs of relief- enough to get a decent sleep.

Otherwise you'll need to look at lifestyle and possible triggers. Medications such as antihistamines and antidepressants are notorious. Loads of foods are also.

The Lyrica works for many.

Give it a few weeks to see how things settle.

Good luck.

Tennwalker1 in reply to Madlegs1

Hope you're right about getting 6 hrs sleep. I welcome that. I do take Cymbalta, and do you know not one dr has ever ask me to get off it or try something else. I've been on Wellbutrin - not as good. Thanks Madlegs

I know it is different for everyone. I suffered a lot for almost 8 months. Weaned myself down from 1 mg pramipexole (mirapex) to half then 1/4 then none. Doctor first tried tramadol, no sleep, then oxycodone, no sleep, gabapentin, no sleep, then 15 mg morphine, 5 nights worked, then no sleep, then finally 30 mgs morphine, 5 nights sleep, then no sleep. Then 30 mg morphine plus 300 mg gabapentin, then 30mg morphine plus 600 gabapentin. Finally, it's been a few weeks and it is working. I still wake up during the night, almost like my body was too used to it, once or twice. But no restless legs. I'm wide awake for 20 to 60 min then back to sleep. If I can sleep in, in the morning, I love it. I'm happy. No RLS and enough sleep. Occasionally I get 7or 8 hours without being awake during the night. Sometimes I'm up for an hour at 2 am, then again at 4:30. But still no RLS. I think that is a residual effect from having had bad rls for so long. I think it'll go away.

Tennwalker1 in reply to byrnzy4

Great! So happy for you. What a journey, right? Good luck.

cnagy44 in reply to byrnzy4

January 31, 2019 Congratulations to you. I have weaned myself from 2.50 to 1.50 mg. Celery helped. Eat a full bag.

Do you mean 14 days since your last dose of pramipexole? And what dose were you taking just before you stopped?

I was on 2 pills of 0. 25mg per night. That's why the 14 pills. Now I get no more pram and its the battle of getting the right cocktail for me, everyone is different. I must state even tho I was on the pram I still had the rls. Just not as bad.

Hi Tennwalker

It takes a long time for withdrawal symptoms to reside.

In my case withdrawal lasted about 6 months in all.

It takes Lyrica at least 3 weeks after last dose of pramipexole to be effective so it is still early days for you .

I think you will start to feel much better in a few weeks.

Don’t increase the Lyrica- that dose will work once you’re over the withdrawal from pramipexole.

I know it’s difficult but be patient and Lyrica and oxy will work.

I had to tweak my meds a few times and am now on OxyContin 25mg spaced over 24 hrs and 100-150 mg of Pregabalin (Lyrica) at night.

Wishing you strength

Tennwalker1 in reply to Joolsg

Aww thanks so much Josh. Good luck on your journey too.

Not josh but joolsg darn spell check. Lol

I had knee replacement surgery and the restless legs were horrible day and night. Normally I was fine on 2 mirapex in the evening and I could sleep. But not after the surgery. I was tormented day and night. My neurologist put me on 50mg of Lyrica an hour before bed time along with the Mirapex and it was like magic! I slept for at least 6 hours the first night I added it. Now I had reduced the Mirapex greatly. I'm down to only 1/2 a pill

in the early evening. The Lyrica seems to be doing the trick. I've found that these meds all work differently on each one of us.

Tennwalker1 in reply to Vestajo

Fantastic!!! So glad for you. Hope my transition goes as nicely as yours.

January 28, 2019 Tennwalker1: Yes. I have been in your position. I am weaning off Mirapex with help with Gabapentin in divided doses and with food. I was using 3 mg. Now i am down to 1.75 mg. I am hoping I can get away with 1.50 mg tonight. Have you tried acupuncture or CBD? Also, I find drinking tonic water, which has quinine, in it to be helpful. Also lavender bathes. If you can find lavender soak. I found that gave some temporary relief.

Tennwalker1 in reply to cnagy44

Thanks cnagy44, I appreciate your insight in the on going struggle. Sunday, Nov. 27th was my LAST pram/mirapex . No more. And I miss it. I slept like a baby Sunday night. Crazy right?

My doctor has mentioned CBD. Not tried or researched it. You? If you do, Let me know what you find out. Right now my back up is Oxy. I think I told you that or I know I've posted it before.

Good luck to you...God bless

January 29, 2019 Tennwalke1: I have sent away for CBD oil. Waiting for it. I have used 7 Minerals from Amazon.com with some temporary relief. I also tried eating a bag of celery since another member mentioned she used celery juice and got relief. Wait and see.

For sure wait. I think you can get a script for cbd, I hope so. I would like to try it.

February 4, 2019 Tennwalker1: CBD oil and tablets are available through the mail. Hopefully, you do not need a script for it. Also, inhaling marijuana is helpful for RLS.

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