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I want to break my knee caps and elbows!!!

I'm a 43 year old female and have suffered with RLS for a few years now. This last week I have got hardly any sleep and am at the end of my tether! I am in floods of tears writing this and in the verge of getting a hammer and taking it to my legs and arms. I'd rather be in pain (which I am most of the time) than have RLS - I just don't know what to do 😞 I am already on gabapentin, have been for about 4 years. I think I've tried just about everything I have seen on line 😭😭😭😭

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Something is triggering your rls.

What medications are you on apart from Gaba?

What is your diet like?

Loads of things set it off.

Have you got your serum ferritin reading? It needs to be about 100.

When we have a bit more information,we might be able to advise.


So sorry to hear this. Many of us can relate. But is doesn’t have to be like this. Go to rls-uk.org for info. Check out triggers as Madlegs advises and maybe aak for a low dose opioid, like tramadol or slow release oxycodon. If you don’t get some sleep, the symptoms will only get worse in a vicious circle.

The RLS webpage of Johns Hopkins is also very informative.

Hope you find a way to get some control very soon. Good luck.

Have you tried Sifrol???? It settles my RLS.

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RLS1952 in reply to buffpoint

I started on 0.125 Sifrol. Went to 0.25 and Doctor will not increase it anymore and others experience with augmentation supports this decision. Went to naturopath and having success with magnesium chekate and herb gotu kola. Not addictive or dangerous.

Hello! I'm sorry to hear of your predicament. RLS is the devil incarnate, that's for sure! Have you tried some gentle exercises like the ones found halfway down this website? I find these helpful for at least a little while.


I also like to soak in epsom salts and use compression stockings. I use magnesium oil and "Relaxing Leg Cream" by Magnilife for soothing the muscles. I also have some success with kinesio tape and have a piece starting at the hip and running down to my knee. I also have RLS in my right arm, so I have a piece running from my shoulder to my elbow.

Oh how I can relate to how you feel , as many others on the forum do

Awful isn't it , I've been suffering RLS on and off but this last 3 weeks like yourself, I want to cut my legs off , my knee is really bad today 😫😫so much that I'm walking hunched up , still awake at 3 am yet again .

My meds is pregabalin , but not working, I'm still early days finding out what the trigger may be .

Hope you find some relief soon .

I consulted a naturopath when Sifrol stopped working well. Having a lot of success with 1 x 1000mg magnesium chelate 3times a day and two capsules Nature's Sunshine Gotu Kola with lunch and again with evening meal. Still taking Sifrol at bed time but hope to get off it. I also have a Sun Ancon massage machine which is good when too tired to walk or stand. Opiates do not work for me, Think make worse. Also cannot take Phenergan.

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Millie09 in reply to RLS1952

I wished i could take other meds , but I'm a complex case, I have liver disease so im restricted. So bad today I feel like crying, my life is just not worth living any more

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Oscarsaurus in reply to Millie09

I have felt like you but there is a light at the end of the tunnel i promise. Keep researching and if your gp is rubbish then get another. Life is precious so dont give up

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Millie09 in reply to Oscarsaurus

Thank you oscarsaurus, I'm getting nowhere, pain management clinic, Gp, CBT therapist, not scans , x ray, .. the list goes on yet i continue to get worse. I have occupational therapist assesment tomorrow ( my second one) so I will raise my concerns. Thank you for your reply

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rls_optimist in reply to RLS1952

Hi, RLS1952, that's a very high dose of magnesium. Please consider discussing this with your regular doctor. And you might google "how much magnesium is too much?" Here's one result I got back:

"If you’re taking a daily magnesium supplement that provides more than 350 mg, it’s recommended you do so only under medical supervision."

If your naturopath is actually selling the supplements you're taking, please be skeptical, because he/she has a financial interest in "prescribing" supplements.

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RLS1952 in reply to rls_optimist

No financial interest. Not that confidant in what doctors 'know' about alternative treatments. Getting better results than anything else I have tried, despite still being on a medical drug that aggravates rls.

Poor you. I've just woke up after a few hours sleep in an anxiety state again. Pain and jiggling legs and feet and another day to look forward to. This cold temperature really isn't helping. I wish I knew a remedy. Through desperation I have sourced out some high cbd cannabis. It got me to sleep for a little while at least. Prescription meds are just not enough.

So sorry to hear you're in pain. We can all relate. I pounded my thighs until I thought they would burst. I take a very low dose of Oxycodone 5mg. It works. I slept 11 hrs the night I took it. It was great. I weaning off Pramipexrole. So I feel you pain. Literally. You have to ask your Dr. A lot of times they don't know if only a gp. Good luck. Keep the hammers in the garage where they belong. You can do this. Just try to find the right combination. Also, you could be augmenting on the Gabapentin too. Check it out.

I take

*Gabapentin 1200mg 3 x daily

*Serltraline 200mg at night

*Tramadol 100mg twice daily (sometimes more if in agony).

*Calcium with vitamin D3 1200mg at night.

*250mg Magnesium at night

*1000mg Green Lipped Mussell at night.

*800mg Turmeric at night

I use magnesium spray on my legs, have Epsom salt baths, drink camomile tea at night. I've tried peppermint essential oil on my legs, I've tried to drink enough water in case of dehydration, I have tried compression socks and a TENS machine.

I also take Symbicort 200, Flixonase and Montelukast for Asthma.

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Millie09 in reply to

That's a lot of medicine! .. maybe you need a review?

I feel your pain, rsl is vile. Don't know if its useful to you but I have started on Caimbridge Diet and swear its easing my rsl. Don't know whether it's all the minerals in the stuff or just not eating my usual diet. Anyway good luck finding something.

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