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Rls don’t give up

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My wife has been through it all Elayne for 40 years liver transplant 19 yeArs ago, Mayo has basically given up on her, the liver gave her diabetes as it took out the pancreas, the nuclear option for her from Mayo was methadone, gabapentin which was a disaster we then went in U of M, St. Paul MN, they made their reccomendations which was get off the methadone, she upped her gabapentin , doubles her Iron even if he iron level was ok, her satiation was not. Quite by accident she forgot to take her netforman for diabetes and started sleeping, now this is probably temporary and don’t use this to self diagnose but you can mention it to your doctor, every case is different, I don’t think there is a cure eventually it could move to thighs and arms

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So sorry to hear about your wife. :( There is not much to say, but I hope she keeps sleeping. Of course, she probably needs that metformin. So, you will have to see how her RLS does with no methadone. Not sure WHY they would take her off of that, but keep us informed. RLS is no fun, and when there are so many other things going on, I am sure you are stressed, so take care of yourself , too.

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